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Submitted by 葉庚辛 on 06/24/2019

葉庚辛 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

(Translated by Google) The private museum can be operated in such a way that it deserves a mirror, and the beautiful environment is rich in exhibits and worthy of strong recommendation.


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Lincoln Wilson 4 stars rating.

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Submitted by Lincoln Wilson on 03/24/2022

Eduardo Fuentes 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Eduardo Fuentes on 03/22/2022

Ирина Кошелева 5 stars rating.

(Translated by Google) Beautiful !!!

Красиво !!!

Submitted by Ирина Кошелева on 09/12/2021

Sam Chen 5 stars rating.

(Translated by Google) This museum is really great, the collections outside the museum and the museum are very exciting and it’s worth spending a whole day enjoying it.


Submitted by Sam Chen on 11/02/2019

Joe on the Go ! 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Joe On The Go ! on 10/12/2019

miou U 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Miou U on 03/15/2019

Christian Woodward 5 stars rating.

Amazing. Free, always changing, and beautiful.

Submitted by Christian Woodward on 10/18/2018

Mahpud Sagara 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Mahpud Sagara on 12/11/2017

Silvia Xu 3 stars rating.

Submitted by Silvia Xu on 10/15/2016

mablelo1983 mablelo1983 2 stars rating.

Submitted by Mablelo1983 Mablelo1983 on 06/23/2016