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Hammer Museum Reviews

Submitted by Caty Wagner on 08/02/2021

Caty Wagner 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Kinda weird but free art is important, and there was a big focus on local, BIPOC artists


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HipHopDance Eliana 2 stars rating.

hands down weirdest museum I have ever been to and the only relatively normal gallery is Paper Art Gallery where there's a pencil art drawing of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They had a "dance" show on the lion statues inside of the Lifes exhibition and they passed around these strange yellow books which were supposed to explain the weirdness we were seeing. I know there is this quote by Sia art is supposed to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. This museum definitely comforts the disturbed...if that is your thing. In the Lifes exhibition there was this guy singing and playing piano but he was saying and singing nonsensical things. The guy was real. The Lifes exhibition is by far the creepiest complete with strange music and things. The museum is free perhaps that is the only plus as well as the garden*

Submitted by Hiphopdance Eliana on 04/24/2022

Dan KR 1 stars rating.

The first thing on the museum website should be that the permanent collection is not on view. With all respect to the exhibitions, I came here first and foremost for the masterpieces Armand Hammer had collected, and no amount of free parking is going to remedy their absense.

Submitted by Dan Kr on 04/24/2022

Cole Barker 5 stars rating.

What a beautiful place! Appreciated the free admission. Enjoyed the friendly and helpful staff. And above all else the exhibitions here were top tier. Make sure you budget plenty of time because you’ll wish to spend many hours here to take it all in!

Submitted by Cole Barker on 03/17/2022

Z 1 stars rating.

I am part of an exhibition here (until May) and whenever the company has to show up before opening hours I am followed all the way to my parking spot. It's pretty obvious because I have to park four levels down and the individuals always turn around and drive away after following me. This has happened more than once. Why would I state what I am there for at the gate, only to be viewed as a suspicious individual? ???? If people want to view me as a threat, they should do so inconspicuously so I can remain centered before performing. Not a good look...

Submitted by Z on 03/05/2022

T Ken 5 stars rating.

A fun little museum in the middle of the city. It's a small space, but great art on view. Free admission is a plus! It's a great place to spend about an hour or so. The shop was well stocked with interesting books and other gifts.

Submitted by T Ken on 02/26/2022

Pauline Suzuki 5 stars rating.

5 stars for Free Parking today & for the Free Admissions!! But there was only one exhibit open today. They said that because they are between exhibits and the other levels will be open in a few weeks.

So I recommend waiting to go til they reopen the others.

Submitted by Pauline Suzuki on 01/15/2022

K. Young 5 stars rating.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no hammers here. OK, dad joke aside, this museum was pretty cool. I enjoyed the exhibits even though I didn't understand most of it. I don't really get too deep with it and appreciate more traditional art like impressionist paintings. But, I can appreciate it. If the art doesn't touch or move you, then it's not for you and the artist didn't make it for you. If you're the type who likes to say things like, "I could've made this" while pointing at something on display at a museum. Then this museum isn't for you. Go to the Getty or Louve, you'll have a better time there. Admission is free, which I like. Parking is convenient, located just downstairs. It's a terrific place to kill a few hours or take a date to.

Submitted by K. Young on 12/07/2021

Paola Rossaro 5 stars rating.

Very nice collection. I loved the Van Gogh and Gauguin, and there were many others that were very impressive. The space is beautiful with a nice balance of indoor and outdoor. You feel like in a small island surrounded by the hectic LA life.

Submitted by Paola Rossaro on 11/26/2021

King Mighty Mom 5 stars rating.

I really enjoyed the exhibits and atmosphere. I had a wonderful time.

Submitted by King Mighty Mom on 11/23/2021

Ben Park 5 stars rating.

Super nice museum. Love the Hammer collection. The outdoor areas are lovely as well. Unbelievable that it’s free.

Submitted by Ben Park on 10/02/2021

Dut Kasilag 4 stars rating.

Interesting UCLA museum!!!
Like most museums, they feature different mediums and currently they are featuring LA artists. Parking is under the building, admission is free and health protocols are well promulgated.
Definitely worth a visit when you’re in the area and there are nice restaurants in Westwood Village which is just a 5 minute walk. Enjoy!!!

Submitted by Dut Kasilag on 08/06/2021

Minh Anh Emma Tran 5 stars rating.

I went here in March 2020 (before Covid)
—This museum is in UCLA campus, free admission, have about 4-5 different exhibits going on. Have a cafe and courtyard for you to study or hangout with friends. Cute gift shop.
— I went here for my Art History assignment so it was nice to look at everything in details because I have to write about it later.
—All the exhibition are unique in their own way, reflecting different issues in the society.
—Parking under the basement, although I don’t remember the parking fees, but I would guess it’s not too expansive.

Would love to come back one day!!

Submitted by Minh Anh Emma Tran on 06/24/2021

Clint Williams (asmr scene) 5 stars rating.

Lots of amazing works in this Gallery! Free Admission too! Had works by Gauguin, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Titian, and more! It was truly stunning to finally see some of these in person instead of in a book or on television! This place is a must to stop by if you are in the Westwood Neighborhood of Los Angeles!! Check it out!

Submitted by Clint Williams (asmr Scene) on 03/17/2020

Jaq Frost 5 stars rating.

I like to attend their talks/ screenings/ conversations. They usually start around 7:30 on a weekday and are almost always free, but sometimes the movies they screen are like $10. Check online for what they have upcoming, but it’s almost always very interesting. Parking is $7 after... 6pm, I believe? They have exhibits that rotate out/ switch, as well as their “permanent hammer collection”... fun top chairs that spin and engage your inner kid, lively opening nights with music, and a restaurant inside that I can’t speak on since I’ve only ever ordered one drink.

Submitted by Jaq Frost on 03/12/2020

Lily Ma 5 stars rating.

A great variety of renaissance and contemporary art. Completely free admission and friendly staff. Comfortable seating areas if you're meeting up with someone or want to relax after walking around.

Submitted by Lily Ma on 03/07/2020

Victor Wang 5 stars rating.

A lovely museum with 100% free admission. Close to the UCLA campus, this is a stop you must make if you’re checking out the UCLA campus. It’s even worth a trip on its own or as a visit to the nearby Annenberg Space for Photography. This museum has many unique pieces of contemporary art that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Also contains a lot of studying spaces for students, places to relax and chill in the courtyard with unique chairs that act more like tops. Friendly staff and easy to soak up some time enjoying a couple exhibition halls worth of cutting-edge art.

Submitted by Victor Wang on 01/02/2020

Margaret Powell 5 stars rating.

Wonderful field trip with our City College class . The exhibits were cutting edge and so well displayed. The courtyard and cafe very nice. Finding the entrance to the parking took a few trips around the block, but easy access once there.

Submitted by Margaret Powell on 11/14/2019

Jerry Parker 5 stars rating.

A nice family friendly place. There is a bar area and restaurant we're you can enjoy a drink in the courtyard. The museum has wonderful pieces of art. Best of all entry is free! However be parking is not free, although you may find street parking if you are lucky.

Submitted by Jerry Parker on 07/27/2019

Marina Milosevic 5 stars rating.

I really love this museum. It's small enough to visit and see all the galleries without experiencing museum fatigue. Great art and always free. They host fun music events and movie showings often. And the gift shop is awesome!

Submitted by Marina Milosevic on 08/09/2018