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Hauser & Wirth Reviews

Submitted by Mytao Westside on 02/20/2020

Mytao Westside 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

DONT MISS OUT. This location on the outside look like there wouldn't be much to see. The surrounding area screams creativity and you really find something special here. This unique location has art, community, agriculture and so much more. Beautiful to walk through and check out. There is a place to eat inside but I did not stop by. The area definitely looks over priced but I did not spend a dime. Still enjoyed everything. Loved the little farm set up they got going on here with the live chickens.

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Dick Buschman 5 stars rating.

If like art, and a beautiful industrial setting: go here. Also for lunch (we missed that one unfortunately).

Submitted by Dick Buschman on 03/16/2022

Ken Mann 5 stars rating.

Beautiful spaces in three buildings, cutting edge art, knowledgeable staff. The spaces are well maintained and there's a wonderful courtyard with shaded seating between the buildings. And then there's Manuela inside to satisfy your belly with creative sustainable food. Valet parking is a good idea since street parking is at a premium.

11/2/18, Calder exhibit.
2/17/19 Piero Manzoni
2/23/19. Annie Liebowitz
5/23/19 David Hammons
10/6/19 Philip Guston & Charles Gaines
2/15/20 Lucio Fontana
3/9/22 Gary Monroe

Submitted by Ken Mann on 03/11/2022

troy kelley 5 stars rating.

Incredible gallery with tons of space, eatery on site and amazing vibe! Top notch artists featured and don't forget the bookstore!

Submitted by Troy Kelley on 02/20/2022

Handlebar Tours 5 stars rating.

So welcoming, they really want the public to experience high art for free with this inviting space. The galleries go dark for about a month during show change overs, so make sure there's a show when you go. Although the book store and restaurant remain open, and it's a neat old flower mill thats fun to explore apart from the galleries. Great date spot.

Submitted by Handlebar Tours on 02/19/2022

Stella van der Klugt 5 stars rating.

Beautiful exhibition and amazing space with a nice restaurant. We ended walking the neighborhood. LA Art District is the placê tô live.

Submitted by Stella Van Der Klugt on 12/21/2021

Amy Hollman 5 stars rating.

What a wonderful, historic place! Highly recommend. Staff and docents are excellent. Come for the quality exhibits. Eat at the fabulous restaurant. Browse the extensive bookstore. Wander thru the restaurant's garden.

Submitted by Amy Hollman on 12/04/2021

Ashley chong 5 stars rating.

Loved the location, plenty of murals to look at on the outside. Inside there is a great bookstore, a few art galleries, a restaurant, and a lovely outside area. I went to see the Lorna Simpson exhibition, it was so good! I would recommend this place for a great art experience.

Submitted by Ashley Chong on 10/12/2021

Margaryta Bushkin 5 stars rating.

Please stop by! I loved the colored windows. The gallery very inspiring and the restaurant in the inside court looks straight from a movie!

Submitted by Margaryta Bushkin on 08/07/2021

Lesley 5 stars rating.

Great place to go! Don’t need to buy tickets~

Submitted by Lesley on 07/24/2021

Happy Art Collectors 5 stars rating.

I often visit exhibitions in this gallery. I don't like the choice. You can view several exhibitions at the same time. Convenient parking. I recommend it! Have a great time!

Submitted by Happy Art Collectors on 05/24/2021

M A S 5 stars rating.

Hauser & Wirth is a collection of several medium size cavernous contemporary gallery rooms with requisite tall white walls, concrete floors, and appropriate lighting to fit the art. The viewing galleries are spread out around a courtyard that also includes an excellent restaurant called Manuela.

Submitted by M A S on 05/12/2021

Serena Ortiz 5 stars rating.

A free art gallery that rotates through artists every few months. They also have a chicken pen that’s so fun to visit. Sometimes you have to park a block away and walk but it is worth it! I love how they always add info about the artists and keep the area very clean. Very relaxing to grab a coffee or drink and visit the galleries.
There’s also more free galleries around the area so there’s plenty to see and do.

Submitted by Serena Ortiz on 07/02/2020

Simon Tipene Adlam 5 stars rating.

Amazing Fontana and Party exhibition. Manuela’s hits the cuisine spot yet again. Good food, good wine and great art. What a Friday.

Submitted by Simon Tipene Adlam on 02/22/2020

Sea anemone 5 stars rating.

Probably my fav gallery in LA because 1. It's free 2. The artworks are amazing 3. The gallery cares about human rights and equality. The district itself also feels separate from the hustle and bustle of LA.

Submitted by Sea Anemone on 01/07/2020

Oscar H. Fajardo 5 stars rating.

It’s been quite the tray visiting this place. Great place to eat get drinks and enjoy the Art. It’s your one stop shop in the arts district.

Submitted by Oscar H. Fajardo on 11/17/2019

Maria Deschamps 5 stars rating.

Love this! Galleries, a bookstore, a shop and restaurant all under one roof! A creative atmosphere surrounded by artists and explorers.

Submitted by Maria Deschamps on 11/01/2019

Jean-Baptiste NICOLAS 4 stars rating.

Very nice art gallery located in an industrial building.
Entrance is free and you can eat in the cafeteria serving locally produced stuff like eggs (hens live here!) or some locally grown plants!
Nice concept

Submitted by Jean-baptiste Nicolas on 08/13/2018

Vanessa Medina Pi 4 stars rating.

Definitely worth the visit! High ceilings, open spaces, good contemporary art exhibits, open air restaurant & even chickens on the outdoors ????????

Submitted by Vanessa Medina Pi on 04/24/2018

Santiago Pazos 5 stars rating.

Fell in love with this entire space. First and foremost this is an art gallery, surrounded by splendid restaurants and common areas. This is definitely a fantastic cultural hub to go during the weekend. Despite they are plenty of food options nearby they have on the premises a great restaurant and bar called "Manuela". Go and discover the current contemporary art. Amazing

Submitted by Santiago Pazos on 03/31/2018