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Hive Gallery & Studios Reviews

Submitted by Alexandria N. Fall on 04/08/2019

Alexandria N. Fall 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This is the most unique gallery I have ever been to or shown art at and it has nothing but purely great vibes. There’s so much variety and many great people. ❤️

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Cynthia Downing 5 stars rating.

So simple yet complex. If you find your self staring into the black hole of existence we call this life than I would recommend this place for you to further expand your mind but tame it in the same breath

Submitted by Cynthia Downing on 04/07/2022

Doreen Kelly 4 stars rating.

This museum is now my favorite! I was soo excited to see Jeff Koons's art in person! (the ballon dog and more) It was definitely a great experience overall. I did have to reserve my tickets a month in advance but it was worth the wait! I would love to come back again soon.

Submitted by Doreen Kelly on 02/16/2022

DELIGHTFUL FlamingHearts 5 stars rating.

Went to support my Buddy JC Baez Experienced some great art and met some even better hearted people and Bacon. Liz Covington, Brenda, Nathan.

Submitted by Delightful Flaminghearts on 07/04/2021

Claudia Jones 5 stars rating.

Eclectic off the wall art!! Fun atmosphere. Nate has created a one of a kind experience.

Submitted by Claudia Jones on 04/03/2021

Johnny Jones 5 stars rating.

One of my favorite places,the nicest and coolest , people there????????????

Submitted by Johnny Jones on 09/12/2020

Carla Houston 5 stars rating.

I've been to Corporation Food Hall but never knew the existence of The Hive Gallery until I saw an Instagram posting of Happening in Dtla regarding the ongoing exhibit so I went one weekday to check it out.

When I found the place, it was kind of dim and quiet. I had to double check the hours posted by the door. I peeked through the glass door and saw someone inside so I decided to come in. That person was actually Marcel (or Mancel), one of the artists with one of the stalls in the gallery.

I had the gallery all by myself on the day of my visit so I freely roamed inside. I was very much surprised of the size of the gallery and how much art pieces were in there. The gallery looks small outside because of the narrow size but it goes on and on inside. I was impressed with all the unique talents these artists have. I had to tour the place twice to capture all the artworks here.

I learned that the ongoing exhibit on my visit was almost ending which explains why the place is empty. I learned that exhibits change every month and from what I learned from other reviewers, this place gets really packed during opening days to meet the artists in person. I highly recommend this place you are into museums and galleries. Entrance is free.

Submitted by Carla Houston on 07/02/2020

Caspar Norris 5 stars rating.

Way bigger than expected. A lot of awesome art. Definitely wanna go back for the LA Art Walks

Submitted by Caspar Norris on 03/01/2020

Caspar Norris 5 stars rating.

A lot of great art. Much bigger that expected. Can’t wait to come back for Art Walk Thursdays.

Submitted by Caspar Norris on 03/01/2020

Eyal Shahar 5 stars rating.

Amazing art. Dozens of artists showing pop and creepy art.

Submitted by Eyal Shahar on 12/31/2019

Oscar H. Fajardo 5 stars rating.

Finally made it here. Great works here from various artist. It’s a must see especially the Halloween themed ones.

Submitted by Oscar H. Fajardo on 10/11/2019

Jason Longo 5 stars rating.

Unique, fascinating, enchanting. This gallery has an variety of styles of art. Must see if you are DTLA

Submitted by Jason Longo on 06/02/2019

Mayan Gil 5 stars rating.

This is definitely a spot to visit if ever in LA. It's a great art gallery where local artist are able to show off their skills in the heart of downtown. The gallery itself will surprise you based on it's size. It has three sections (Featured Artist, Group Artwork, and Resident Artist) which allows them to display a impressive amount of work. With there shows changing fairly frequently, it's a gallery you'll wanna visit and keep on visiting. (And the fact that there's a ramen spot across the street is definitely a plus lol)

Submitted by Mayan Gil on 05/07/2019

Steven 4 stars rating.

Super cool place, went here on a date during one if the art walks. Spent a good bit if time in here checking out all the stalls. Wish I had more money to buy their stuff as it was all really good. When I go back to LA I'll definitely visit here again.

Submitted by Steven on 02/17/2019

pattiy torno 4 stars rating.

An interested my gallery... not at all g rated... do not bring the kids... hive is a perfect choice of word! More textile based art than I have perhaps ever seen in one gallery at one time... and very nice quality!

Submitted by Pattiy Torno on 02/15/2019

Walley Sparks 5 stars rating.

Fun, cool and uninhibited art. Awesome vibe and friendly people. Eclectic art pieces and got to meet almost all the artists there. This place must be visited soon. Cover charge to get in but well worth the money.

Submitted by Walley Sparks on 09/12/2018

Wayne LeCheminant 5 stars rating.

One of the best galleries anywhere. It features some of the best artists in Los Angeles. It's cool, it's eclectic, and it's always fun to go. My wife and I hit it up every time we get a chance. Art lovers must go.

Submitted by Wayne Lecheminant on 08/21/2018

Violet McKeon Divine 5 stars rating.

My favorite LA gallery! Nathan "King Bee" has done an amazing job keeping this place going in its very unique spirit for so long. There is always something interesting and new moving through this place, and I've been turned on to some of my now-favorite artists because of shows there. Eclectic and accessible.

Submitted by Violet Mckeon Divine on 07/07/2018

David Reyes 5 stars rating.

If you can't find anything interesting with 3,000 square feet of wall to wall artwork then you need to reevaluate your life. There is a new theme show every single month for the past 13 years. That sounds like a lot of dedication and hard work.

Pros: Restrooms, friendly staff, cheap and affordable artwork for gift giving, and high end art for collecting.

Cons: Some artist spaces haven't been updated for years.

Submitted by David Reyes on 06/26/2018

Rhiannon Nicole 5 stars rating.

My favorite mini art gallery down town... Very eclectic, modern & funky pieces by local artist. It gets packed during art-walk but if you can waddle your way through they have a deejay in the back!

Submitted by Rhiannon Nicole on 01/17/2016