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La Luz De Jesus Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Rick Bulwicz on 11/24/2019

Rick Bulwicz 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great shop for odd books and other stuff. The gallery is small, but always has interesting pieces on display.

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Paul Torres 5 stars rating.

This is my all time favorite Art Gallery, I've been a fan of it since the early nineties, when I was in art school, classmates of mine told me about it, I haven't stopped going over there since, and looking at their shows and also at their books, toys etc..which they also sell, they have the most interesting and unique artwork. And I've had the privilege to have exhibited there a few times. So if you're in the LA area stop by check it out, It will be worth your time trust me, this place is really something!..a lot of celebrities like to go there too????????????????????

Submitted by Paul Torres on 02/18/2022

Vincent Volpe 4 stars rating.

Where else can you get your very own....

Submitted by Vincent Volpe on 10/28/2021

Gregory Azevedo 5 stars rating.

Great gallery space and unique store.

Submitted by Gregory Azevedo on 09/20/2021

Perception Percepcion 5 stars rating.

This gallery is inside one of my favorite stores in LA. They have so many cool things to look at. I mean art books, postcard, and sooo many other interesting items. Possibly the perfect place to find a curious weird gift. The gallery allways has something out ot the box to showcase. Funnnn place to visit for sure

Submitted by Perception Percepcion on 05/13/2021

Dionisio Tafoya 5 stars rating.

One of my favorite book stores. Their selection of odd paraphernalia and LA tomes make it super unique.

Submitted by Dionisio Tafoya on 01/28/2020

Guy Debord 2 stars rating.

Sloppy. Limited-edition print arrived poorly packaged, mailed in a stretched-out envelope sandwiched between two hand-torn pieces of cardboard that barely covered the piece. Arrived with a small crease in one corner. I've ordered much cheaper art that came way more carefully packaged. As a certificate of authenticity was not available, alternate documentation of the piece's provenance was promised but never sent. Gallery didn't respond to follow-up inquiry. Can't recommend, particularly for online purchases.

Submitted by Guy Debord on 01/17/2020

Ruben Dorado 5 stars rating.

I had never been here before but I came for a book signing. I was pleasently surprised at how cute this place is. They've got a lot of crazy niche items. I can't wait to see what artists they have in the future.

Submitted by Ruben Dorado on 12/08/2019

sophie Pleshette 5 stars rating.

If my brain had a store, this would be it. Crammed with trinkets and treasures from jokey to arty. You can find a great coffee table book, satanic socks, and vintage themed toys for the littles. This store has continued through the ages of L.A and is a gem. There is usually always art to look at as well in the gallery. Great service, parking is hit or miss.I love Wacko.

Submitted by Sophie Pleshette on 11/18/2019

Leesa Luck 5 stars rating.

I've always liked this place. Had a great time looking at all the books and toys here. Didnt have time to go into the art gallery but there is one of those here,as well.

Submitted by Leesa Luck on 10/06/2019

Erin Wasterlain 5 stars rating.

So excited to see, in person, the works of some of the best artists I currently follow in the lowbrow and popsurrealist, etc, scene. All in a tiny little amazing hallway! And a pretty nice main gallery room displays the current show, or two, in a well-lit casual atmosphere. This place is not fancy and you won't feel uncool or out-of-place coming here. Plus the store that houses the gallery is a knick-knack collector's godsend.

Submitted by Erin Wasterlain on 12/21/2018

Sara Goding 5 stars rating.

This is my favorite place in the world. It's like Target had sex with my subconscious and opened an art gallery in the back. Staff is always super friendly and if I won the lottery I would pay to just live in there.

Submitted by Sara Goding on 11/06/2018

Ceci Guerrero 5 stars rating.

If you’re looking for something you just can’t find (books, art, home stuff) this is the place. One of my favorite book stores around the world.

Submitted by Ceci Guerrero on 08/19/2018

Peter McDonald 4 stars rating.

Really unusual and provocative art gallery inside the Soap Plant/Wacco store. Mostly younger, emerging artists, working in almost neo-surrealistic styles. The opening nights, usually the first Friday of the month, but check the web-site, gather a very colorful, self-curated crowd of art lovers, collectors and practitioners. Parking is tough, mostly well monitored meters. Park once and window shop and nosh on this now, very trendy part of East Hollywood Bl.

Submitted by Peter Mcdonald on 08/18/2018

CARMEN THUNDER 5 stars rating.

Number 1 favorite place to go when in town. Best toys and weird stuff. The art gallery is my all time favorite.

Submitted by Carmen Thunder on 02/20/2018

Stevko 5 stars rating.

I send every here. Even if I think it might not be their gig someone with them is going to love it.

I love it. I never miss a trip when I'm in Los Feliz or even near LA.

The book alone are better then viagra.

So go and then walk around Los Feliz.

Submitted by Stevko on 02/19/2017

Stephen Conti 5 stars rating.

the best! I have been visiting this establishment since their original location in the 90s. They just keep getting better. practical jokes to tapestries, original atwork to fanzines, Tshirts to halloween masks!! Everytime we are in LA we go!!! A must see!! Keep on truckin'!

Submitted by Stephen Conti on 11/09/2016

Wayne LeCheminant 5 stars rating.

Quirky and off the wall. It is a blast to go there. They have all kinds of bizarre odds and ends to buy. And what's even better is that they always have local art on sale in their gallery. They also do occasional shows. La Luz is a must go to place if you love the contemporary art scene.

Submitted by Wayne Lecheminant on 08/26/2016

Albert Castillo 5 stars rating.

It's a link into a rare and other times impossible chance to view and be introduced into art and artist you may have never been able to encounter. As in touch, see, and smell the actual piece of work you only see in magazines. Esoteric, low brow, mondo,subculture in many aspects. If this is your taste in art and memorabilia. Then it's a haven. Three thumbs up and a big toe.

Submitted by Albert Castillo on 04/06/2016

Steven Speciale (toypianocat) 5 stars rating.

The OG lowbrow art gallery and gift shop. If you can't find it here, it might not exist. Especially good selection of art books. Where else do you think you might find a book of Dabs Myla?

Submitted by Steven Speciale (toypianocat) on 02/13/2016