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Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Judy A on 05/06/2019

Judy A 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating


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Tammy Adams 4 stars rating.

This is beautiful contemporary museum which is centrally located and next Walt Disney Hall. And it's free. They put out a calendar on their website and you just have to sign for a day and time you want to visit. They also have the walk in options but I didn't want to wait and the not be able to go in. I highly recommend reserving your tickets ahead time.

Submitted by Tammy Adams on 02/05/2022

Patti Morales 3 stars rating.

Woah! This was the first museum I visited when I was in Los Angeles. This city certainly knows their art. I've never been to a museum and recognized so many artist names. From Basquiat, Murakami, Jeff Koons, Warhol, ect. I was blown away with the selection this museum had.

Submitted by Patti Morales on 01/21/2022

Perception Percepcion 5 stars rating.

I drove sooo many times by this place and had no clue it was there!! Its actually really nice for artist and art lovers to visit. Has nice garden, wine tasting events every now and then, cool art gallery and public events, also ceramic classes and things like that.

Submitted by Perception Percepcion on 05/13/2021

Tom Wagner 4 stars rating.

Pretty cool little museum, mainly because it’s free.

Submitted by Tom Wagner on 04/06/2020

ORUGA juarez 5 stars rating.

(Translated by Google) Very beautiful a new experience had never come beautiful lugae.????????????????????????

Muy bonito una nueva experiencia nunca había venido hermoso lugae.????????????????????????

Submitted by Oruga Juarez on 10/20/2019

Shanelle S 5 stars rating.

Art gallery that’s off the beaten park with a wonderfully curated selection of art. It’s located in the Barnsdall Park and there is free parking available. Try going to the top of the hill first to see if any spots are available before parking on the lot in the bottom. You can walk right in and explore the exhibit. Offal was on display when we went and it was a great Sunday afternoon activity. It’s good for families as well as friends. The space is a lot bigger than I had originally thought and you could spend as much or as little time wandering the space. It’s not crowded which I thought was an added perk of going to this museum, since at LACMA or MOCA I sometime feel a bit rushed by other people trying to look at the art. There are public restrooms available immediately to the left when you enter. There is a counter with brochures and there were a couple of employees to ask any questions about the art. Outside there were plenty of people picnicking and hanging out on the grass. There’s a great view of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith observatory. Overall a great way to spend an afternoon.

Submitted by Shanelle S on 09/09/2019

Naomi Baird 5 stars rating.

Amazing space and a fine bunch of folks there who run the place. It is a great place to spend time with nice views. The gallery is located at Barnsdall Art Park. It is complimentary admission . Good idea to always bring water/snack as there is no concession store in the park. Parking is complementary. LA MAG is a small gallery in the heart of Hollywood blvd that exhibits local arts. Rather interesting exhibition. It is a lovely place.

Submitted by Naomi Baird on 07/25/2019

Kamari Coats 1 stars rating.


Submitted by Kamari Coats on 07/13/2019

Damon Adamo 5 stars rating.

It is a great place to spend time with nice views

Submitted by Damon Adamo on 04/17/2019

Gary Gagnon 5 stars rating.

Very nice small gallery.

Submitted by Gary Gagnon on 02/24/2019

gajakev 1 stars rating.

The place is free. The art is awful. It would show up in a comedy about pretentious self righteous nonsense. Most of it looked like a dumpster was poured out on the floor and city employees separated the waste into piles of similar materials to recycle. I've gone to many gallaries that at least seemed to care about some standards and variation but this is the only place I felt smashing the junk would make society better.

Submitted by Gajakev on 11/22/2018

Salette Serra 5 stars rating.

It is a lovely place

Submitted by Salette Serra on 10/10/2018

Jai Jackson 5 stars rating.

Lovely theatre

Submitted by Jai Jackson on 08/29/2018

Nicole Hernandez 5 stars rating.

Great hidden gem!

Submitted by Nicole Hernandez on 08/18/2018

Jennifer Lamar 5 stars rating.

The gallery is located at Barnsdall Art Park. It is complimentary admission and just the right size to enjoy as part of a visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright house. Currently LAMAG is featuring COLA winning artists through June 24. Bring a picnic to enjoy while watching the sun go down on the northeast lawn in the afternoon. Good idea to always bring water/snack as there is no concession store in the park. Parking is complementary l.

Submitted by Jennifer Lamar on 06/15/2018

Tom Cagan 4 stars rating.

Rather interesting exhibition. I didn't know that it was there. Worth going to.

Submitted by Tom Cagan on 05/14/2018

Cade Cropper 5 stars rating.

Great place!

Submitted by Cade Cropper on 03/06/2018

Sondra S 5 stars rating.

Do you display photography,? looking to display some photography

Submitted by Sondra S on 02/08/2018

Carlo N. 4 stars rating.

LA MAG is a small gallery in the heart of Hollywood blvd that exhibits local arts and artists of Southern California. Staff are friendly and informative. Admission is FREE! Donation is highly recommended. Visitors can complete the exhibits in less than 30 minutes. The best part of this LA MAG is it view of the Hollywood sign, the Holly Hills and Griffith Park. If you're in the neighborhood go check out this gallery; not too many people knows about this gallery exist in the Barnsdall Park.

Submitted by Carlo N. on 01/25/2018