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Mash Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Chelsea B on 04/03/2019

Chelsea B 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Definitely one of my favorite galleries in LA. Took one of the top spots quickly! Great art, great shows and other events, the staff is wonderful, I love that its owned and run by a woman and their opening receptions are some of the best! Good selection of drinks and a great space to have a good night. Really have enjoyed going to this gallery and getting to know the owner, who is also an amazing artist herself! Check it out!

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Jackson Day 5 stars rating.

What a show! Haleh always puts on such a great experience. Not only is she a wildly talented artist but she curates some of the best art exhibitions I have seen. Unique, creative, refreshing, provocative, inspiring, fun, sexy and wild!

Submitted by Jackson Day on 04/17/2022

Oscar H. Fajardo 5 stars rating.

Great contemporary art exhibits . Nice location near the brewery in the arts district. Vivid colors and shapes .

Submitted by Oscar H. Fajardo on 12/21/2021

Annabelle Freedman 5 stars rating.

Every piece of art I saw was exceptional and emotive. The gallery was filled with nice, diverse people who embodied the works well and created an inviting environment that felt educated and thoughtful without feeling elitist. The location is accessible and bright. Although the walls had a lot of works, the curation allowed for each piece to have space and distinction.
Also, I found parking easily!

Submitted by Annabelle Freedman on 08/05/2021

Michael Falzone 5 stars rating.

As an exhibiting artist at Mash, I felt that Haleh and Ian did a terrific job with a professional attitude in promotion, handling and exhibiting the work for the show. The space is well appointed and the opening events are fun to attend and handled professionally. I believe they are dedicated to providing a fulfilling experience to all who attend or exhibit at the Gallery.

Submitted by Michael Falzone on 12/28/2020

D Litz 5 stars rating.

MASH gallery is a fantastic space in DTLA showcasing the very best artists the city has to offer. It’s a must-see!

Submitted by D Litz on 12/21/2020

Terri Lloyd 5 stars rating.

Exemplary experience as an exhibiting artist. Fabulous staff. Brilliant curation.

Being an artist, I've had a variety of experiences with galleries and institutions. Mash Gallery operates from an absolute love of art and artists. It is obvious the staff loves what it is they do. Haleh Mashian is a dynamic and inspired force. Every exhibition is engaging and well curated. The level of professionalism and care of the art, the artist and the collector is top drawer.

Submitted by Terri Lloyd on 12/20/2020

Jodi Bonassi 5 stars rating.

This is a gallery that welcomes everyone to an amazing experience. Most likely you will be greeted by the charismatic Haleh Mashian, owner and also a dynamic artist of emotional depth. They have a super friendly staff so it is an easy Gallery to experience. The work will wow you!! These are unique group and solo shows curated by independent well- respected guest curators. In addition they have unique cross disciplinary events that incorporate music, fashion, performance and dance. Every exhibition is a major event not to be missed! A great place to hang out, take family friends or your date , enjoy wonderful art and feel good around great people! And just to let you know there’s a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant right up the street from it!!

Submitted by Jodi Bonassi on 03/03/2020

eVeNT aNiMal 5 stars rating.

Beautiful gallery has art exhibits from talented and hip professional artists.. The curator she is a very cool and welcoming person... I recommend you visit this place on your next trip to downtown LA arts district...

Submitted by Event Animal on 06/06/2019

Vojislav Radovanovic 5 stars rating.

This is a really fantastic new gallery space in DTLA. The shows I have seen have all been top quality with great artwork and fabulous receptions. The atmosphere and space is clean and bright - while the neighborhood has a rough appearance, it's actually a very hip and trendy community all around it. Parking is fairly easy to find in the surrounding blocks.

Submitted by Vojislav Radovanovic on 05/09/2019

Ondine Hollander 5 stars rating.

We visited this gallery in October for the Nature Worship exhibit and again a few weeks later for a choral performance. So inspiring! Enjoying the beautifully curated artwork to the sound of angelic voices was a powerful experience. Mash is a great addition to DTLA and a powerful new presence in LA's evolving and unique arts scene.

Submitted by Ondine Hollander on 04/27/2019

Adrienne Mashian 5 stars rating.

LOVE this gallery! Haleh showcases such stunning, unique art that is truly captivating. She always has different exciting shows as well which are fun to keep up with. Definitely a great gallery to keep an eye on!

Submitted by Adrienne Mashian on 04/05/2019

firouzeh nikravan 5 stars rating.

Haleh is an amazing artist. Her paintings are so mysterious and heartfelt. The studio is lively and there is always something happening there. I loved every time I visited this place. It’s wonderful to see so many great artists.

Submitted by Firouzeh Nikravan on 04/04/2019

Seena Nikravan 5 stars rating.

Mash Gallery is an amazingly unique gem in the arts district. Since it’s debut each show has welcomed the community and stunned audiences (including myself) without fail. The extra cool and fun thing about this gallery is that you never know what’s in store for you when you visit - the art is eclectic and you might just see a dance performance or fashion show! Always a warm and positive vibe here too!

Submitted by Seena Nikravan on 04/03/2019

Raven Dedola 5 stars rating.

What a great gallery! They have such an array of exhibits...from paintings, flamenco, a color psychic to fashion shows! I love coming here because the atmosphere is so dynamic.

Do you want an exhilarating night out on the town? Stop by mash gallery and see what I'm talking about.

Submitted by Raven Dedola on 04/03/2019

Michael Ghodoushim 5 stars rating.

Mash Gallery has beautiful and inspiring works of art. I love stopping by here to see what beautiful works Haleh and her colleagues are coming up with. You really can’t miss this gem in the heart of the arts district!

Submitted by Michael Ghodoushim on 04/03/2019

Genie Davis 5 stars rating.

Beautiful, light filled space. A wide range of exhibitions such as the group opener for the gallery last summer, Red, and a recent installation featuring artist and gallerist Haleh Mashian's work were both terrific. Openings are lively and fun.

Submitted by Genie Davis on 04/03/2019

Sabra Chili 5 stars rating.

The coolest new gallery in DTLA!

Mash Gallery is inventing a whole new way to look at art. They have monthly programs of singers, dancers, performance artists, workshops, fashion shows etc. that expand the whole idea of art. Haleh Mashian is a fantastic artist in her own right but still is interested in finding excellent artists for her wonderfully curated shows. Stop in for an amazing experience. You will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Sabra Chili on 04/03/2019

Stefanie Greenberg 5 stars rating.

Mash Gallery is amazing. Warm, classy, and welcoming, with an incredibly vast, unique and fascinating collection of artists and work. I’ve attended many shows and each one has so much to offer. What an asset to our city! I look forward to many more exciting visits to Mash Gallery!

Submitted by Stefanie Greenberg on 04/03/2019

Brittney Castro 5 stars rating.

Mash Gallery is the hottest spot in DTLA! Creator Haleh is bringing a whole new spin on contemporary art with her beautifully curated artwork and innovative programming. I highly recommend art enthusiasts and everyone go check out this inspiring new art gallery.

Submitted by Brittney Castro on 04/03/2019