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Over the Influence Reviews

Submitted by Ken Mann on 01/23/2020

Ken Mann 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

A brilliant and vibrant celebration of L A art from the 80's. It's fun, it's hip, it's cleverly staged and very colorful. Mixed media displayed in a deceptively large space (looks very small from outside)

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Drew 5 stars rating.

Best art essay I’ve read in a longggg time. Interesting art, too, but the writing was top notch.

Submitted by Drew on 03/28/2021

Isabel 5 stars rating.

Obey exhibit did not disappoint

Submitted by Isabel on 01/11/2020

Jerry Zhou 5 stars rating.

Visually appealing poster art pieces with deep societal and political references. I went to see the artworks by Shepard Fairey. He is a poster artists and their overall message is to not be suppressed by the government.

Submitted by Jerry Zhou on 12/25/2019

Daniel Ingersoll 5 stars rating.

Really cool gallery with an excellent exhibit

Submitted by Daniel Ingersoll on 12/15/2019

Tuğbek Ölek 5 stars rating.

Great gallery, a lot to do around. Very spacious!

Submitted by Tuğbek Ölek on 12/11/2019

Robin Dowling 5 stars rating.

Great gallery in a very cool neighbourhood.

Submitted by Robin Dowling on 11/27/2019

Joseph Martin 5 stars rating.

Great small and open gallery.

Submitted by Joseph Martin on 11/17/2019

Steve Alexander (SteveRinzen) 5 stars rating.

Beautiful gallery showing progressive art!

Submitted by Steve Alexander (steverinzen) on 09/09/2019

Abdon Manny Bonilla 4 stars rating.

Very functional place. Very unique art, there.

Submitted by Abdon Manny Bonilla on 05/27/2019

MrMsEmilia 4 stars rating.

Nice exhibition and The gift shop here is a memory warehouse from my childhood. Love it.

Submitted by Mrmsemilia on 03/02/2019

bunnyliz R 5 stars rating.

Pretty cool small gallery but worth going in.

Submitted by Bunnyliz R on 01/08/2019

Ryan Ho 5 stars rating.

Great gallery, lots of great free showings there. Invader, Cleon Patterson

Submitted by Ryan Ho on 01/03/2019

Eric Lanoue 4 stars rating.

Small but very nice gallery. The gift shop is separated and the line can block the main gallery door when busy.

Submitted by Eric Lanoue on 12/03/2018

Oscar H. Fajardo 5 stars rating.

What a great find. I’m already obsessed with retro games and music. It’s was nostalgia at its best. Not going to lie I geeked out big time. Must see if you particularly interested in the currency exhibit.

Submitted by Oscar H. Fajardo on 11/26/2018

Shane Tippit 5 stars rating.

Great gallery

Submitted by Shane Tippit on 11/22/2018

Julian Stone-Kronberg 4 stars rating.

Good modern art gallery in arts district

Submitted by Julian Stone-kronberg on 09/04/2018

Mikhail Sverdlov 5 stars rating.

Very timeless and current subject matter. Unfortunately . Interesting artist. Seems very revolutionary remind me of Russian early 20 century constructivism .

Submitted by Mikhail Sverdlov on 07/17/2018

Bryan H 4 stars rating.

Surprisingly large gallery that is much bigger than it seems on the outside. Exhibitions seem to rotate quite frequently so there's always something new to see unless you show up when they're in the middle of putting in something new.

Submitted by Bryan H on 06/28/2018

David Trovato 5 stars rating.

Beautiful new gallery space from know Hong Kong Gallery Over The Influence. Their opening show is an amazing get - Vhils first Solo in LA! The location is cool for a destination visit as well, right in the middle of a great new shopping and restaurant area. Go!

Submitted by David Trovato on 03/04/2018