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Skirball Cultural Center Reviews

Submitted by Peppy Kiersten on 02/10/2022

Peppy Kiersten 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

In high demand for entry. Since Skirball Cultural Center opened, there hasn't been a slow day! Wonderfully, this museum is free. However, the advice is to go on their website and get your tickets booked months in advance. No joke. If you're a visitor of LA and trying to go day-of, I'd suggest going early in the day and just wait it out. They do have a line for those without reservations.

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Luckie Alexander 5 stars rating.

Beautiful event space, parking is easy and convenient.

Submitted by Luckie Alexander on 04/15/2022

MilkKefir 5 stars rating.

I found the Skirball Cultural Center to be a profoundly moving and engaging facility. This was my first visit, and I didn't even go inside any of the buildings, but even just being on these beautiful grounds and wandering through the gardens made my day better.

I know that I shall return here to discover more of the wonder contained within...

Submitted by Milkkefir on 04/14/2022

Zoe Lane 5 stars rating.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful !
The location is perfect away from the hustle and bustle of both West LA and the Valley.

Oh, and did I mention free parking?

Submitted by Zoe Lane on 03/04/2022

lil uhura 5 stars rating.

My sisters and I went to the Star Trek exhibit and It Was Awesome!! When we got there I suddenly got tired. I'm disabled, so I don't have the same kind of stamina that most people have. The staff (in particular the docent posted in the exhibit who offered me a chair and got me a bottle of water while my sister got me a wheelchair) were all so kind and attentive. They truly made a wonderful day for us even better. I'm so grateful.

Submitted by Lil Uhura on 02/21/2022

Mike Beckage 5 stars rating.

Went to see the Star Trek exhibit, which was great. Had never been there before and realized what a beautiful place it is! Great food in the restaurants also.

Submitted by Mike Beckage on 02/16/2022

Eric Sanchez 4 stars rating.

I love this Museum. The art the architecture the lighting, the elevator I love it all. Even the stairway where you can look into the bowels of the museum and see even more stored art. So don't be lazy and only take the elevator definitely make your way up or down those stairs cause it's a cool experience in itself.

Submitted by Eric Sanchez on 02/07/2022

John Davison 4 stars rating.

Very nice exhibition worth going for an afternoon

Submitted by John Davison on 12/21/2021

Dustin Tsai 5 stars rating.

Really lovely museum for learning about Jewish culture and customs. They also have temporary exhibits (like a Star Trek one) that we found interesting even without having watched the show.

Submitted by Dustin Tsai on 12/05/2021

Martin Buerkle 5 stars rating.

Stunning location and Star Trek was amazing! #startrekexhibition

Submitted by Martin Buerkle on 11/09/2021

Maria Frausto 5 stars rating.

The Star Trek Exhibition was absolutely amazing. The place overall was really beautiful, well kept, and the staff was super friendly and helpful.

Submitted by Maria Frausto on 11/06/2021

K. Cheng 5 stars rating.

4th year membership now, been through the pandemic closure, and finally, Noah's Ark is open again!! ????????

Online reservation, vaccine proof or negative covid test within 3 days are required. Meticulous, but you'd feel safe! Thank you Skirball staff. Thank you to other responsible guests. For taking this extra step to ensure everyone's safety.

Time limit is now an hour, followed by story time outside in the amphitheater. During story time, staff inside Noah's Ark will spend near an hour sanitzing, wiping down every place possible. Air filters are also in place in every room. Same thing with Archeological Dig, all equipments are cleaned after each use.

Cafe and restaurant are back too. So glad to see you back Skirball!

Best place to join membership for kids to play in West LA. Free parking.

Submitted by K. Cheng on 09/26/2021

Cameron F 5 stars rating.

We came here for the children's exhibits. The Noah's Ark section was amazing. There were so many things to touch, climb, and enjoy. We also enjoyed digging for buried items in one of the many dig sites on top of the museum. Finally, we made a craft in the craft room at the bottom of the museum.

We briefly saw some of the other areas outside the children's section. All the exhibits were interesting and educational.

Submitted by Cameron F on 02/13/2020

Rigo Solorio 5 stars rating.

Noah's Ark I think is the best attraction, great for children 19 months and up . A lot of things to do to stimulate children brain. Love the uniqueness of this building highly recomend you can get in for free using the public libary card program called explore LA.

Submitted by Rigo Solorio on 01/26/2020

Sarah Markovitch-Rosario 5 stars rating.

Such a hidden gem that alot of people I don't think know about! We went on a Thursday during free admission day. We arrived around 11:15 to get inline for the ark tickets. We bought a lunch so the kids could sit at the tables while we took turns as adults standing in line. Tickets opened up at 11:50ish. We got into the first group! But even if you don't you can do the other activities first. The kids loved all the interactive play on the ark! Such a fun experience. We will definitely be going back. 1.5 hrs was plenty of time to hang at the ark exhibit. We then went to the dig area. Which was well organized. Then went to the craft area. Which I m not sure is always opened but you can check ahead of time. After that the kids were done and we left. Also parking is free so this place is a win win! Little bit if a drive from OC but definitely worth it if you haven't been!

Submitted by Sarah Markovitch-rosario on 08/24/2019

Dion Kelley 5 stars rating.

Very informative about the Jewish experience.. It's a nice place to spend an afternoon. Great place for a family outing. There is an art studio for projects for kids. It's well worth the twelve dollar admission. On Thursdays it's free. Or free with a Bank of America card on the weekend. Parking is about $15.00 During the summer there's music or dance or storytelling events. There's a small indoor snack area where you can buy sandwiches, salads and snacks or you can bring your own food and enjoy eating on the patio. There are several with lots of shade for a hot day. It's really nice. I highly recommend it.

Submitted by Dion Kelley on 08/04/2019

Mario Jones 5 stars rating.

Because of the exhibition of Rudi Gernreich we went to the center of Skirball and his exhibition was superb. It is very good here and there is free parking to make us very happy. It is also close to the Getty Center, so you can take the activities on both sides for the same day. I would definitely recommend you if there is an exhibition of interest to you.

Submitted by Mario Jones on 07/11/2019

Rolfe Jones 5 stars rating.

Fantastic place and really love the Noah's Ark exhibition - my daughter just loved it - she is 5!

Additionally the museum is one of the finest on the West Coast for exploring and capturing the Jewish experience in America and its impact on the USA and the world. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Rolfe Jones on 02/12/2019

Shen S 5 stars rating.

It rained a lot the first two days that we were in Los Angeles and a lot of things to do are mainly outdoors however we did find some very enjoyable things to do indoors too. We found this beautifully built Noahs Ark @skirball_la. Many of the animals are built using recycled materials like old whisks, keys, pots, gloves, shoes, bags etc and Hazel honestly had a blast! There's books to read, animals to touch and play with, instruments, handles to turn, sensory sounds, climbing ropes, bridges and lots of running space????. Also every Thursday is free at this centre for everybody

Submitted by Shen S on 12/15/2018

Birgit Schafer 5 stars rating.

Lovely place, peaceful and beatifully designed. The scale is great as well. Its not an overwhelming space. Love that they control how many attendees through their ticketing system. Noahs Ark is a meticulously designed exhibit appealing to both children and those who appreciate thoughtful design. A lovely few hours were spent by me, my grandson and his Mom. We plan on coming back.

Submitted by Birgit Schafer on 07/26/2017