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Submitted by Frank Rojas on 04/07/2021

Frank Rojas 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

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carlos esparza 5 stars rating.

It was a truly wonderful experience working with Trace, she’s very professional and kind.
Her art work is gorgeous and she very talented! Love her.

Submitted by Carlos Esparza on 09/08/2021

osvaldo lizarraga 5 stars rating.

Trace makes beautiful art and she is beautiful herself, she is wonderful to work with!

Submitted by Osvaldo Lizarraga on 09/08/2021

Joanna Osborne 5 stars rating.

TAJ Art is a magical place, it’s peaceful gardens and romantic atmosphere make it my first choice to host private events. I love the scenery!
The place has to offer calming surroundings, positive energy and kindness that just flows through your body when you enter the garden.
I have hosted multiple events and with the help of Trace ( the owner ) each one of them was an absolute success. She is a great listener and intuitively understood what I was looking for even before I could fully articulate it.
The level of customer service exceeded my expectations and each one of my event was a 100% gratifying.
I will be back for more. Thank You!

Submitted by Joanna Osborne on 08/12/2021

Michael Y 5 stars rating.

A refreshing oasis for events and fine arts. Impeccable taste, a refined and well considered arrangement with an exotic allure. It has a European sense of timelessness and station. Definitely elevates the game in this field and sets a new standard.

Trace is a breeze to work with; her obvious enthusiasm is borne of an innate knowledge of good taste that comes from years of accomplishment in the creative arts and cosmopolitan culture of the region.

A delightful and rewarding experience all around that far exceeded my elevated expectations!

Submitted by Michael Y on 06/18/2021

Amanda Ho 5 stars rating.

I found Taj Art back when I was looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to host my events. The place is absolutely stunning! There is no place like it in LA, so I had to book them. It was an amazing experience to find it, and to get to know Trace, who was always very understanding of what I needed. I know in my own experience that the management of Taj Art has your best interest in mind every time you book that magical place for your events. You will be glad to host your events here.

Submitted by Amanda Ho on 04/09/2021

Sunshine Maria 5 stars rating.

Taj Art is truly a gem hidden away in the city with a beautiful secret garden space that makes you feel like you entered into an enchanted world far far away with an outside stage and art gallery!!!
The owner was great to work with as well.
I had my sons 18th Bday party with a Beatle’s band and a masquerade theme which the space was so perfect for and she was very helpful, I set up tables in the gallery area and it added an extra feature to the party as a gallery with artwork to be looked at by guests, my son said it was the best most perfect Birthday ever! I couldn’t think of a more perfect venue for my event.

Submitted by Sunshine Maria on 01/18/2021

pembrooke andrews 5 stars rating.

I was very happy using Taj Art for my event. Trace is wonderful and always available to answer questions and to offer helpful suggestions. This beautiful garden setting is ideal for gatherings and intimate conversations. There is even indoor and outdoor areas for live performances and screenings. Her artwork is first class and sophisticated, not only is she kind and professional, she is truly gifted as well as musically talented. The rates were reasonable and within my budget. Like any legit business there are some guidelines that are clearly stated. Sorry to say this business has been effected by Covid. I hope they are able to reopen soon. I hope to schedule another event, and purchase collectable art.

Submitted by Pembrooke Andrews on 12/28/2020

Fisha Nour 1 stars rating.

Beware! This place has some very shady business practices. It seems that the owner, Trace Johansson, is making things up as she goes along. When I booked my wedding a year in advance, I paid a large deposit and the cancellation policy in writing on my invoice was a full refund with more than 90-day notice. Apparently she changed the cancellation policy shortly after I booked but I was never informed. When I had to reschedule then cancel my wedding due to COVID-19, I was told I had unknowingly forfeited my deposit because I had rescheduled. I rescheduled because the government of California banned large gatherings like my wedding. I cancelled because of a global pandemic. And I was blindsided by a policy change I had no idea had taken place. Please be careful who you do business with, especially if it is your first time planning a wedding. Make sure the person is all there and knows what they’re doing. Make sure you sign a contract. Make sure the terms of your agreement are in writing and not subject to change at the business owner’s whim. There are a lot of cheaters and liars out there to get your hard-earned money. I hope you don’t get blindsided like I did. My advice is to stay away from shady businesses like this venue.

Submitted by Fisha Nour on 11/20/2020

Nic L 5 stars rating.

Loved having my birthday at this place! Trace was amazing and I enjoyed working with her!

Submitted by Nic L on 12/07/2019

Melissa Arredondo 5 stars rating.

This is such a unique and gorgeous event space! I’m booking this location for my upcoming wedding and I’m so excited! It’s truly a special space perfect for any social gathering! Trace the host has been beyond helpful and down to earth throughout the whole process. I know my big day will be perfect thanks to her help and her spectacular space! I’m so grateful that I found this hidden gem! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a special space to celebrate any event!

Submitted by Melissa Arredondo on 09/01/2019

Ellie M 5 stars rating.

I attended an event at TAJ • ART, owned and directed by Trace ''Taj'', and I was astonished by her professionalism and her talents. I was moved by her sensitive and soulful paintings and music, I was touched by the fact that a portion of the sales generated for all the events and art works go to help animals through her unique B corporation. Her intellectual personality and compassion for all creatures on earth is an inspiration for not only myself but I believe for all humanity. I highly recommend renting her space and attending any of her events!!

Submitted by Ellie M on 06/16/2019

Lyn Singer 5 stars rating.

Trace is an amazing artist in every way. Her music is heartfelt, sincere and inspirational.
Her artwork is a true expression of who she is. Trace has a heart to help artists showcase their work and has relentlessly poured her heart and soul into others and facilitating their success. Her unselfishness and committment to her focus,the exemplifies her love for the arts and artists. She is an amazing woman.

Submitted by Lyn Singer on 06/12/2019

Micah Cover 5 stars rating.

Trace's artwork is provocative & unforgettable. She also showcases work from other artists. A portion of the sales are donated to charities to help animals worldwide, so you are also making the world a better place for our furry friends while you enjoy and own some beautiful art. Trace is as charming in person as she is passionate and talented. It's a pleasure to know her, and I look forward to supporting her in the future!

Submitted by Micah Cover on 06/08/2019

C D 5 stars rating.

This venue was amazing for celebrating our wedding. We loved the beautiful garden, the fountains, the lights, the greenery, and meditation area was perfect for the main ceremony. This space was so welcoming and calming. Trace was a great host to work with and made our day very special. We had around 65 people at the venue and everyone enjoyed being able to explore and experience the garden as well. This was a great place to be.

Submitted by C D on 06/04/2019

Michael Lin 5 stars rating.

Tracy is such a honest, unfiltered soul with a passion for art and animals. She is also extremely talented and a pleasure to be around.

Submitted by Michael Lin on 06/25/2018

Mike K 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Mike K on 01/22/2018

Alana Medina 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Alana Medina on 09/15/2017