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The Broad Reviews

Submitted by Chavez Web Design, LLC on 02/11/2022

Chavez Web Design, LLC 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The museum has some beautiful art and I love that they give a little gift if you find all the items on the app. The employees were really friendly and helpful. I liked that they were really strict of wearing the mask all the time while inside.

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Esmeralda R. Ruano 4 stars rating.

It's nice if you like art. small museum not so good for small kids, but hey it's free. Make reservations online. The table set is so unique my husband is 6'1 tall and he looks so small, so you have an idea of how big this is ???? it's free I guess you can check it out at least once with the kids ???? and if you don't have kids then enjoy. LOL

Submitted by Esmeralda R. Ruano on 04/21/2022

Halomonster05 5 stars rating.

Great place to visit in L.A. We got tickets in advance and we didn't have to wait in line. Museum has amazing expositions and my family enjoyed most of them. You can take pictures and video without flash. Go early if you want to take pictures without a lot of people around.

Submitted by Halomonster05 on 04/16/2022

Jingxiao Lu 5 stars rating.

Nice museum. Good architecture. Has some good collections of American artists. Around 1 hr would be sufficient for going over most collections pretty thoroughly.

Submitted by Jingxiao Lu on 04/16/2022

Ashley Turner 5 stars rating.

We took a group with Los Angeles Fun Events to The Broad today and had an amazing time! Tickets are free, but you must get them ahead for timed entry online.

The interior of the museum is really cool, it kind of looks like a cave! There is also a special infinity room exhibit which is really popular. Just know that they release those tickets for following month on the last Wednesday of the month at 10AM.

Lots of very cool contemporary and modern art. The giant chairs and table, and the metallic balloon dog were two favorites.

Walk across the street after and take a ride on the iconic Angels flight (it’s only $1.00!) down to Grand Central Market for some delicious food!

Submitted by Ashley Turner on 04/13/2022

Ruby Lee 5 stars rating.

To be honest, modern art doesn’t always make sense to me, but this place is still a fun museum to visit. Highly recommend to book your ticket beforehand (it’s free though).
Here are some pictures I found interesting.

Submitted by Ruby Lee on 03/22/2022

Joe Guevara 5 stars rating.

Stayed at the Westin so this was walking distance. Quick tips as of Mar 16th:
Masks no longer required but “recommended”
Book in advance if you want to see the full infinity room, separate cost
The main area itself is free but you do have to book time on the app

Submitted by Joe Guevara on 03/16/2022

Sims 5 stars rating.

It’s free but parking in the garage of The Broad is $17. You also have to go on the museum’s website and choose the day and time you want to go. Again, this is completely free to do. Have your COVID card or a picture of your COVID card and your driver’s license ready because they’ll check that at the door. Also, you pay for your parking at the kiosk by the elevator after you go to the museum as expected. After your visit you put the ticket back into the machine and you pay.

Submitted by Sims on 03/11/2022

Sky Thai 4 stars rating.

A fun eclectic museum that has some iconic pieces worth checking out. Jeff Koons balloon animals, Andy Warhol pop art, and more! The architecture is modern and adds to the whole experience too. The musuem is just the right size to explore everything and not too overwhelming. You can get through within 2-3 hours!

There's some storyline to parts of the exhibit and you can get into depth with the pieces with some audio.

All in all, loved it and would recommend to friends and visitors coming by!

Submitted by Sky Thai on 03/11/2022

Hang Nguyen 5 stars rating.

Parking is easy and $17 all day on the weekends. You will need to request your tickets online. Masks are required and vaccinations cards are also checked. The museum architecture is really cool. If you do not like art don’t waste your time going here. The restrooms are nice and clean. Would not recommend taking young children here.

Submitted by Hang Nguyen on 02/26/2022

Yennifer 5 stars rating.

There were many variety of works by artists who are said to be the most famous these days, and there were also friendly staffs.
Actually, I’m not good at art but love to study, to see, to do ❤️ so I could really enjoyed the museum. I really appreciate it.

* Parking fee was $17 for 3hours.

Submitted by Yennifer on 02/25/2022

Pauline Suzuki 5 stars rating.

Free Admission!! Get tickets online. Easy process, just need to choose a time slot. Great place to visit, had a few Andy Warhol.
There was one exhibit that showed a film that is not recommended for children..

You do have to pay for parking, I parked like a block away for $10 all day (Sunday) parking.

Submitted by Pauline Suzuki on 01/30/2022

David G 5 stars rating.

I was AMAZED at how great this place was. My friend's just said it was a free museum so I went in blind and WOW! Such a huge selection of Basquiat, Warhol, Koons, and so much more! You definitely have to visit. You have nothing to lose! It's freakin FREE

Submitted by David G on 01/27/2022

Not John 5 stars rating.

I wanted to take a moment to send a very heartfelt thank you to Al Williams who is the Director of the Visitor Experience at the amazing museum The Broad. My girlfriend and I had tried to get in to see the museum on Sunday, 1/23/22, and unfortunately, we hadn't planned ahead to reserve tickets. We aren't that familiar with the area either, so our pre-planning as far as parking goes, left much to desire. Needless to say, we walked a good distance to get to the museum only to find that the admission tickets had already been maxed out for the day. Our hearts sank as we were really excited about seeing the contemporary art exhibits, but then this beautiful woman with a green dress came out of nowhere, walked up to us with the friendliest smile and said not to worry that she would be happy to help us out. Not only did she great us with courtesy and warmth, but she walked us up to the security gate, had two tickets emailed to me (upon proof of vaccination of course) and informed the admission clerk that we were cleared and approved to enter the museum. She turned a potentially disappointing situation into one of the most amazing experiences my girlfriend and I have had visiting a museum. Al Williams is a treasure to The Broad and I have already recommended this museum to 8 of our friends and coworkers. Thank you so much Al Williams. We really appreciated everything you did! Also please do check out The Broad, as it's one of the coolest experiences in Southern California! I highly recommend Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room "Longing For Eternity"!

Submitted by Not John on 01/26/2022

Kevin D Sherman 5 stars rating.

Though I'm not a huge fan of modern art, this collection is quite eclectic, with a good mix of "famous" artists alongside those who "should" be more known. Good explanatory texts along the art (English only) and several pieces are part of the audio tour (bring your own device and earbuds; wifi is free).

Submitted by Kevin D Sherman on 01/20/2022

Jonathan Tachibana 5 stars rating.

I enjoy the Tour at the Broad Museum. It has interesting pictures, sculptures, and I also enjoying the Infinity Room. Which is interesting experience. I went there in January 9, 2019 before the Pandemic.

Submitted by Jonathan Tachibana on 01/13/2022

Charlotte B 5 stars rating.

Such a great museum. Always has cool stuff on and a great collection upstairs. Awesome building too! Plus its completely free! Just reserve a timed ticket online. A must see if visiting LA

Submitted by Charlotte B on 12/14/2021

WickedEye Filmz (Shane) 5 stars rating.

Such a beautiful place! Many familiar artists, beautiful paintings, and cool “Instagram-able” things to take pictures with! It’s so worth it! Especially because it’s free! Looking back on today, I would have definitely paid money to see it! I’m a 27 y/o male with little-to-no art experience & got so much joy out of seeing some of these paintings!!

10/10 recommend!

Submitted by Wickedeye Filmz (shane) on 12/08/2021

Reisha Duarte 5 stars rating.

One of my favorite buildings in LA. I love the collection they have in here! Worth visiting for art and architecture. Entrance is FREE(!) and timed tickets are required. Parking is quite steep so we would usually look for street parking or grab something to eat at Grand Central Market first and then walk from there.

Submitted by Reisha Duarte on 12/08/2021

Two Sisters Bookkeeping 5 stars rating.

The Broad is a contemporary art museum in Los Angeles offering free general admission and an active program of rotating exhibitions. If you are visiting downtown Los Angeles and you love museums, you have to visit this one. It is Free, you only need to reserve your ticket in advance. I loved the big table. We had a nice time. I am glad we visited this museum.

Submitted by Two Sisters Bookkeeping on 12/01/2021