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The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA Reviews

Submitted by D.R. Padilla on 09/07/2021

D.R. Padilla 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The museum that established modern art in LA. Hard to believe, but there was no dedicated museum to modern art in Los Angeles until this was founded. I was an initial contributor and have been a member since. I am so proud of MOCA and my city. This location was established as a temporary museum (The Temporary Contemporary), while the building by Arata Isozaki was being built on Grand Ave. This repurposed Police garage however, proved so popular, (because of the laid- back atmosphere) that it was given permanent status.

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Sabrina Mendoza 5 stars rating.

The employees are respectful and welcoming. The Pipilotti Rist: Big Heartedness, Be My Neighbor is a psychedelic-like exhibition that is worth visiting. It’s interactive and beautiful!

Submitted by Sabrina Mendoza on 04/14/2022

Brian Wangenheim 5 stars rating.

This museum always has some modern and unique art on display. I would say it’s a medium sized museum. Right next to little Tokyo. Other museums are just across the street too.

Submitted by Brian Wangenheim on 04/02/2022

Deborah Baker 4 stars rating.

Lots of fun if you love taking photos.. really cool shots.. someone works there and was able to take our photos. Go on Groupon or goldstar to get discounted tickets...

Submitted by Deborah Baker on 03/16/2022

Sabrina Navarro 5 stars rating.

Always a great spot to check out in LA. They put in very beautiful unique shoes that are not to be missed

Submitted by Sabrina Navarro on 03/14/2022

Antonia Gilbert 4 stars rating.

Take your time enjoying each room. We spent about an hour or so in the entire museum. We had an awesome experience!

Submitted by Antonia Gilbert on 03/03/2022

Ronald Martinez 3 stars rating.

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA offers a wonderfully curated selection of modern art that is both captivating and engaging. The staff were all very helpful and friendly as well, providing information on various pieces of art or giving directions. And the best part of it all: the entire experience is offered for FREE.

Submitted by Ronald Martinez on 02/07/2022

Zan Lee 5 stars rating.

One of my very favorite art museums in Los Angeles. Everything is so well done and there is so much to see and for those that are into pictures of any type this is a great place for you to visit. The artists are always changing but every time I stop and it is very well done and organized and I have only received positive feedback from those that I’ve been with. It’s hard to say what my favorite part was this time, maybe walking through the light bulbs that looked like rain, or the miniature TV in the floor, or the giant size living room and remote control with a interactive TV. Parking is available on site and they have a great gift shop in the corner near the entrance. I highly recommend to anyone.

Submitted by Zan Lee on 01/18/2022

Jennida Chase 5 stars rating.

The Pipilotti Rist exhibition is FANTASTIC. What a delight!!

Submitted by Jennida Chase on 12/30/2021

Ken Mann 5 stars rating.

Well worth a visit. The current exhibit from Barbara Kruger is immersive and "alive". There is motion and color everywhere. Little treats are hiding all over if you look. According to staff - this took over 2 years to set up (exacerbated by the pandemic). You need to make reservations online and show proof of vaccination.

Submitted by Ken Mann on 12/07/2021

Alexandra Centeno 3 stars rating.

This place was weird. I only gave it 3 stars because the art gave me mixed feelings.

Submitted by Alexandra Centeno on 12/03/2021

Luca 4 stars rating.

I visited the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA with the ticket that I purchased at the MOCA, very appreciated. It has a lot of art to see, I loved the long drawing, I took a video of it. Wonderful.

Submitted by Luca on 09/10/2019

Gordon Jones 5 stars rating.

Temporary Contemporary as it was known before (I imagine) Geffen gave money. As with modern art some seems kooky. They have some nice pieces and some head scratchers.

Submitted by Gordon Jones on 07/11/2019

Jerry Zhou 5 stars rating.

Great artistic exhibits hosted in the center of Little Tokyo. I spontaneously stumbled upon an exhibit hosted here after lunch in Little Tokyo. The staff told me that the tickets were free for the day. We were very lucky to see the beautiful creations of art inside. The building exterior also offers a great backdrop for creative photo shoots.

Submitted by Jerry Zhou on 04/03/2019

YESSICA CASTRO 5 stars rating.

This museum is great. I visited a Saturday and the entrance was free. I enjoyed a free tour on one of the exhibitions that was conducted by an art professor for free.
It's a minimalistic but warm museum. It's the most relaxed museum I have visited. I felt at home... The employees are very nice and welcoming.

Submitted by Yessica Castro on 04/02/2019

Oscar H. Fajardo 5 stars rating.

Rear rotating exhibits here . Now that I’m a member will definitely be visiting all three locations.

Submitted by Oscar H. Fajardo on 01/25/2019

Keshav Dahiya 5 stars rating.

Beautiful exhibits, it's fascinating to see the art blended into such a architecture. The building is so old and well build. Like a old warehouse, weather proof, like military bunker.

Submitted by Keshav Dahiya on 01/14/2019

Kenneth Zuniga-Diuguid 4 stars rating.

This museum was really nice, very simplistic so that you can focus on the work from the different artists. I liked that there were a bunch of people who worked for the museum who were there to help you if you had questions or to show you interesting aspects of the art work as well as talking about it with you in depth.

Submitted by Kenneth Zuniga-diuguid on 12/28/2018

Adrian M 5 stars rating.

Wonderful museum. The artists represented were inspiring. The staff was available to answer questions whenever information was needed. The museum's flow and curation has a beautiful movement, each exhibit seems to be presented in the most appropriate space. Thankful for the powerful relevance of the artists work. Great outdoor area to enjoy. Only suggestion would be that the entrance was hard to find from the sidewalk. Maybe even using better signage to direct pedestrians around to enter through the parking lot might help. First time visiting during their free weekend event. Excited to make a return visit!

Submitted by Adrian M on 11/30/2018

Joseph Chavez 4 stars rating.

A great space to explore and open your senses with distinct exhibitions. Well done showcase art in a unique industrial setting. Worth the trip with the main MOCA near by.

Submitted by Joseph Chavez on 10/02/2016