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The Getty Reviews

Submitted by Annette Goh on 01/06/2022

Annette Goh 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The architecture of this building is gorgeous and the gardens are stunning. There are coffee shops here or you could do a little picnic on the garden. The entrance to the museum is free but you will have to reserve tickets online. Parking for the day is $15. There are busses that will take you from the entrance after security checks to the exhibition halls or you could also take a nice slow walk up the slope. The museum has lovely collection. You can spend the whole day here wondering through the collections and reading through his biography, grab a nice sandwich and coffee and just enjoy the garden.

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Rafael Lupo 3 stars rating.

3 stars due to the stupid rule of having to wear a mask from parking to the museum (during train ride) only. Remove the mask rule and get a 5 star. The buildings are absolutely beautiful with great art displayed all over the museum, ancient artifacts, and rotating collections.

Submitted by Rafael Lupo on 04/24/2022

Hedieh YS 5 stars rating.

From the gardens to the architecture, the views, the exhibits.. you don't want to miss the Getty. We spent about 2 hours there and feel like we could have done another hour easily.

Reservation are recommended. The fee is for parking. Tram takes you up to the building and grounds.

Submitted by Hedieh Ys on 04/17/2022

Adolfo Herrera Fernandez 5 stars rating.

It is a place with beautiful gardens, many rooms with exhibitions of paintings and sculptures full of beauty, art, and history, spacious and comfortable picnic areas, restaurants, cafes, highly recommended to spend a pleasant day with family or friends. I recommend requesting your tickets in advance, it have no cost, only parking, the fee is $20

Submitted by Adolfo Herrera Fernandez on 04/13/2022

Jen Bayarena 5 stars rating.

The Getty is always a good time. There are so many pretty and interesting things to look at. The museum is free, parking is not. Tram ride up the hill is fun. The view from the balcony is always nice, even on smoggy or cloudy days. It's nice to take the guided tours (either with headphones or a museum docent), but it's also great to wander around aimlessly (my preferred method). There's so much to see inside and then even more to see out in the gardens. Lunch can be pretty expensive but super romantic when you throw in a mini bottle of champagne while you sit surrounded by all the lush greenery. Very relaxing.

Submitted by Jen Bayarena on 04/05/2022

Syed Aftab 5 stars rating.

One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever been to. The architecture is amazing and all the surrounding gardens are breathtaking. The view from the outdoor areas was spectacular. You can see all the way to downtown LA and to the ocean. They had a lot of great art to see as well as ancient artifacts from around the world.

Submitted by Syed Aftab on 04/02/2022

Luisa 5 stars rating.

The Getty is one of the prettiest museums I’ve ever been to! The entrance is FREE but you do have to register online due to covid. Parking is $20 per vehicle but entrance per person is free. It is definitely worth it and the views are amazing! Their gardens are beautiful and the museums architecture is amazing! There is also these green areas were people just go and sit there to read a book or picnic! I could have stayed here the whole day! I went on a Friday early afternoon and there wasn’t a lot of people. So it was nice to enjoy it!

Submitted by Luisa on 03/31/2022

Brad Beggs 5 stars rating.

Tickets (free entry, but you must have reservation) available two weeks in advance of your visit, but generally available up to a week before.

Ideal to get there first thing, with 10:00 the official entry time but free tram starts at 9:45. Parking is $20/car, with no free parking nearby, but bus stop at entry.

Plan to spend four+ hours to see much of the art and stroll the unbelievable gardens. Picnicking is encouraged, and you can check your picnic basket at the main building. Just don't bring alcoholic beverages, and pay attention to container size limits on website (FAQ section).

Submitted by Brad Beggs on 03/30/2022

Ashley Turner 5 stars rating.

Beautiful museum with gorgeous views of the city. A must-see for tourists and Angelenos alike. Currently they are still doing timed-ticketed entry— so, you’ll need to get free tickets online ahead of your visit. The current cafeteria setup for lunch is very underwhelming— if you don’t spend the big bucks on sit down restaurant, I definitely recommend packing a lunch. The garden is in bloom now for spring, and definitely worth a walk through.

Submitted by Ashley Turner on 03/25/2022

Irene “IRENE” Kim 5 stars rating.

You can spend an enchanting time in a beautiful space. Wear comfortable clothes, go for a walk, and enjoy the grass! Be sure to book your admission to the museum in advance.

Submitted by Irene “irene” Kim on 03/15/2022

Jackie Neely 5 stars rating.

I took myself on a date to The Getty and had a great time. It was beautiful, I took endless pictures of the structures and flowers and then settled down in the grass at one point to read a book. Parking is a bummer ($20), but that was the only pitfall.

I took the walk up to The Getty (main part) and walked down too. Next time, I may take the train/trolley they have but I prefer walking. Don't walk on the grass, I saw someone get yelled at for that.

I saw a lot of reviews before going about security, but I didn't have any issues thankfully.

Submitted by Jackie Neely on 03/05/2022

Arpita Biswas 5 stars rating.

Free entry. We took the tram while going up which is a free ride and while returning from the museum we walked down the lane on the left. You can get amazing views. The cactus ???? garden is very well maintained. Lovely place to explore. Perfect for full day outings. Carry some food and water. Excellent outdoors and green park for spending quality time under the sun. Explore the richness of the history. Sooooo much to see in one place! It's mind-blowing. Very well maintained and friendly staffs. Enjoy the day with your kids and family.

Submitted by Arpita Biswas on 02/18/2022

Melech Fogel 5 stars rating.

Surpassed my expectations in every way. It is technically free to enter, but it cost $20 to park. Right after you drop your car you take the free tram up the mountain side and are welcomed by spectacular views and architecture. You enter the museum to incredibly curated exhibits from every time period. Of course the Monet and Van Gogh are there, but everything was beautiful. After you finish looking at the art, be sure to stop at the Cafe for a bottle of wine to enjoy one of the best spots for a sunset in Los Angeles.

Submitted by Melech Fogel on 01/31/2022

Darwin Gonzalez 5 stars rating.

This place is a fantastic place to visit. You will need to take a train which takes you to the top. Apart from the art and architecture of the building which is amazing when you get to the top you will see some fantastic views of the city from many different angles. There are shops, cafes and restaurants. The garden area is really cool and nice to take some pics.

Submitted by Darwin Gonzalez on 01/19/2022

Vassil Vassilev 5 stars rating.

Great art, of course. And beautiful sunset views. Visiting the Getty is free, parking is $20. Prior appointment required, as of January 2022. The lines to get in can get quite long; on a busy day, after the Covid certificate / security check, consider hiking on foot, it's a lot faster than waiting for the tram to take you (and tons of other visitors) uphill.

Submitted by Vassil Vassilev on 01/19/2022

Maxwell Lent 5 stars rating.

This museum is truly an incredible place to visit. Honestly some of the exhibits were closed for maintenance or something but the architecture and views are really what is worth your time. Wandering around the gardens is fantastic and the tram to the museum from parking is really lovely. Definitely worth it. But also reserve your entry time. Tickets are free but you need to reserve entry time and have proof of vaccination.

Submitted by Maxwell Lent on 01/09/2022

Bryan Lau 5 stars rating.

The admission may be free, but the parking and food are not, and they can be a bit costly. However, the museum's exhibits are fun to walk through. The museum's exterior is flanked on nearly all sides with gorgeous views of the surrounding city, but these views are often in open, unshaded daylight. Bring water and try to stay cool if you're going in the summer.

Submitted by Bryan Lau on 01/07/2022

Zach Klagge 5 stars rating.

Astounding art museum with beautiful grounds. Truly one of the premiere cultural institutions in the country. I highly recommend visiting, the architecture, scenery, and art are all amazing. The impressionist building was closed for renovations and will be until January 2022, but highlights were still viewable in another area. Also it has a tram truly what is not to like.

Submitted by Zach Klagge on 12/13/2021

Mayur Patel 5 stars rating.

The Getty Center is an incredible museum where the building and property/gardens are works of art as well. I appreciate that the admission is always free, although parking is $20 so I believe that's how they make up for it. You park at the structure and take a really neat tram ride up to the museum campus. There are a good mix of buildings and I could not finish appreciating all of the art on 3 hours - if you want to see everything plan to come for a full day. There are a few gardens, including a cactus garden and a wonderful waterfall area. It is also very peaceful and relaxing to just spend an afternoon here. I will be back to see what I missed!

Submitted by Mayur Patel on 12/12/2021

Beatriz Lim 5 stars rating.

Absolutely gorgeous!! The museum’s architecture itself was already so amazing, and including the views of the city below was just breathtaking. The gardens were my personal favorite, as well as the French paintings. Would definitely come back to explore more! The tram ride up also added to the uniqueness of the experience. It tends to be busy towards the end of the day, but the walk down to parking was also quite nice.

Submitted by Beatriz Lim on 11/29/2021