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Think Tank Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Jericho on 07/04/2018

Jericho 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Such a random area to be in! Its in the middle of Santee Alley and I went here for the Cat Art exhibit. The gallery was actually pretty spacious and there was a vegan diner at the end of it which was amazing!

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Pansy Lowe 4 stars rating.

Great Wednesday night happy hour. You can dance and get a little tipsy and get home by 10PM and go to work in the morning. I like most of the art and they have some cool events. I think they need more bartenders on Wednesdays.

Submitted by Pansy Lowe on 12/17/2019

Sheryl Chavez 4 stars rating.

Art showings; artsy tables; even a few artsy drinks. What's not to like about a place that's industrial chic w/ some music/art/alcohol thrown in there?!?!

Submitted by Sheryl Chavez on 12/14/2019

Alysha Grevious 5 stars rating.

Fun. The most fun I've had at an arts outting since arriving in LA...keep it up Think Tank, I like what you're doing there.

Submitted by Alysha Grevious on 09/05/2019

Karlie Blair 5 stars rating.

So many exciting things happen here! From visual arts to immersive performance, Think Tank is always on the cutting edge of the art scene. Their new location is so cool.

Submitted by Karlie Blair on 03/18/2019

Jessica Louise 3 stars rating.

Little gallery/event space tucked away in a very random part of the garment district DTLA

Submitted by Jessica Louise on 02/17/2019

Diana Pierce 4 stars rating.

It is an art gallery during the day and a bar at night. $5 cover if you are on the guest list before 11PM, $10 regular cover, but as it gets crowded $20. Two different rooms that play different music and two bars. Music was good even though they repeated a couple of songs and there was a couple of spots you can sit. They didn't have a strict dress code for guys so dress shoes are not a must. Coat check is also available. Overall nice venue for a bar.

Submitted by Diana Pierce on 11/29/2018

Aaron Saldana 4 stars rating.

A participant of The LAX Festival

Submitted by Aaron Saldana on 10/09/2018

Thirtynine Plusone 5 stars rating.

Great venue to host whatever event you want .. Nice layout Great Security

Submitted by Thirtynine Plusone on 09/27/2018

Jessica Graybill 5 stars rating.

Real cool gallery space, plus it has a great little bar and lounge area in the back as well as a kitchen/diner set up with vegetarian/vegan friendly food.

Submitted by Jessica Graybill on 07/03/2018

E Trejo 4 stars rating.

Cat Art Show 3 is a must see for all cat lovers. ????

Submitted by E Trejo on 06/24/2018

D dV 4 stars rating.

Been here a couple time events. Cute space

Submitted by D Dv on 04/30/2018

John Kim 5 stars rating.

Great exhibitions, in a nondescript second-floor location in the Fashion District.

Submitted by John Kim on 09/27/2017

ragga muffin 5 stars rating.

Nice gallery and nice venue for events. Gallery staff were knowledgeable and friendly.

We originally went for the closing show of the bloody gums collective, but we ended coming back later at night for some sorta arcade party with djs and an open bar.

Checkemout on Instagram: @thinktankdtla

Submitted by Ragga Muffin on 09/26/2017

Olivia Nad 1 stars rating.

Worst place ...disgusting and filthy...Fraud written all over it...

Submitted by Olivia Nad on 03/01/2017

Beth Pizana 5 stars rating.

I went to see Cat Show LA because there was an image by Norman Reedus in it. The show was amazing and I loved the space that this gallery is in. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Submitted by Beth Pizana on 11/22/2016

Alondra Sandoval 5 stars rating.

I went for the LA Trap House exhibit and it was a nice are above the garment district. I would go back for their other art galleries

Submitted by Alondra Sandoval on 11/10/2016

Edgar Barradas 5 stars rating.

Loved this place! all of the art was great and i will definitely wanna come back for more

Submitted by Edgar Barradas on 03/08/2016

Misscali Chi 5 stars rating.

How kwel is this Gallery, I recently attended the Chilled Air exhibition event and it was a very spacious location. Great location!!

Submitted by Misscali Chi on 08/25/2014

April Butler 5 stars rating.

The space here is perfect for hosting parties OR attending. I recently visited for the Chilled Air exhibition, and they really went all out in terms of the art presented as well as the space reserved for skating. A must visit in the heart of downtown's fashion district.

Submitted by April Butler on 06/24/2014