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The Getty Villa Reviews

Submitted by J. Ciera Thompson on 03/24/2022

J. Ciera Thompson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great spot for dates and taking out of town visitors! Took myself on a solo date this weekend, made reservations the night before & packed a little spread to enjoy up at the top. Gorgeous grounds to wander, and so many ancient artifacts thoughtfully displayed. So humbling to see pieces made by human hands so long ago - always gives me perspective.
Parking is $20, but includes same day parking at the Getty Museum as well, if you want to make a day of it! Tickets are free, but an advance online reservation is needed for the Villa.

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Melissa Ng 5 stars rating.

Amazing attraction! So much history and multiple tours available to learn more. We participated in the architecture tour with Betty. She is very knowledgeable and personable!

I would love to come back in September when there's outdoor plays in the amphitheater. Next time, I will want to arrive earlier in the day as well. We were here for 4 hours and it didn't feel enough.

Admission is free and tickets can be reserved two weeks in advance of the date. Parking is $20. Totally worth it for what you get to see and experience!

Submitted by Melissa Ng on 04/24/2022

Ashley L. 4 stars rating.

The museum is nice in itself & the artwork of course is beautiful. It is a museum, so keep in mind that it is quiet & "slow". There looks to be people that can tour some groups around but you can definitely go off by yourself to see everything. Funny part of the visit: we had two kids w/ us (13 & 6) who were completely amazed with the payphones. Haha! The 6 year old knew what it was, but the 13 year old was absolutely clueless. I think that was the highlight of their visit! The adults loved seeing Hercules, and how much of the art is still original & not restored.

Submitted by Ashley L. on 04/11/2022

Mauricio De la Torre 5 stars rating.

This place is very nice, the art exhibits are ok, mostly objects like vases, jewelry, sculptures.
The gallery rooms where easy to navigate and since you have to get tickets in advance and they can manage how many people can enter every hour it never felt crowded.

The gardens and fountains are the best part of the place, it also has a cafe and a gift shop.

I definitely recommend to visit

Submitted by Mauricio De La Torre on 04/07/2022

Syed Aftab 5 stars rating.

Loved the historical aspect of the Villa. It’s in an amazing area near the ocean and the property itself is beautiful. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. Very well kept and clean. We only spent about an hour and a half there since it is a small museum, but it was definitely worth the visit.

Submitted by Syed Aftab on 04/02/2022

Brad Beggs 5 stars rating.

Free tickets available starting two weeks in advance of the day you visit. Best to visit first thing (10 AM) when not yet crowded.

Parking is $20 and queue can be long, mostly leaving, as the access road is at a very busy intersection. If you're there early, you can park for free along the beach side of the PCH, with a pedestrian entry near the vehicle access. The bonus of doing this is a van will take you to the villa and will bypass the cars waiting to get into the garage.

They offer three types of tours (art, garden, and architecture), but there's a limit of 10/tour. Get to the tour start area by the gift shop at least 15 minutes before the start time to ensure your spot. Once you get your wrist band (they give out 15 minutes before start) you can visit the gift shop, which is reasonably priced.

Submitted by Brad Beggs on 03/27/2022

Robert Cheek 5 stars rating.

The Getty Villa is just simply beautiful. But first and foremost - You MUST get tickets in advance. They are redoing staggered entry and they will likely sell out (they did on a Monday - and DEFINITELY WILL on a weekend). You can sign up at their website and I believe it is free.
As to the museum itself - there are no words Every corridor seems to go on forever, and if you're a fan of Hellenic, Etruscan, or Latin culture - it will be impossible to not enjoy the exhibits.
One of my favorite places in LA - not just for the art but to enjoy an afternoon in the shade and cooler rooms surrounded by 2000+ year old beauty.

Submitted by Robert Cheek on 03/22/2022

J L 5 stars rating.

Very beautiful museum. Suitable for a day trip for couples, family and friends! Admission is free, parking is $20. Make sure you book your reservation online before you come.

Submitted by J L on 03/12/2022

Shawn Shepherd 5 stars rating.

Always a great experience at the Getty Villa. If you only have time to hit one museum while your guests are in town....this is the place to go.
Great ocean views amidst the beautiful gardens and patios.
Amazing works of art and incredible architecture. A must-see for yourself and any guests.

Submitted by Shawn Shepherd on 03/09/2022

Brian Love 5 stars rating.

Amazing place. Don't forget the second floor with views of the lovely gardens and a ton of statuary.
Entry is free, but reservations are recommended. Parking is twenty bucks, but you can buy it in advance or skip it and take public transit.
It's meant to transport you to another time and place. It succeeds.
Concerns about provenance are understandable, but the fact that anyone can go there to share these very public, fascinating, stimulating, and inspirational treasures is consoling.
Worth the trip.

Submitted by Brian Love on 03/02/2022

Jimmy Ross 5 stars rating.

This is one of my all time favorite tour destination. Really, it is several museums in one. To really enjoy and see it all plan at least 3 days 6+ hours each day. Each of the dozen or so galleries has a different exhibit and the are all ENORMIOUS. It is also the only place for 100 miles with FREE parking.

Submitted by Jimmy Ross on 02/25/2022

Ayeesha Hussaini 5 stars rating.

This place should be on your list of places to visit in LA. Gorgeous views of the California coast line and beautiful architecture and collectors items on display. We went in Feb, and springtime is even more pretty when the flowers have come in. It's a small museum but the tour guides add valuable information, school going kids will enjoy it. There's a small cafe as well and a cute gift shop.

Submitted by Ayeesha Hussaini on 02/20/2022

village10410 5 stars rating.

Good place to be with your friends/family. Not too crowded because of limited guests. Cafe was very good, too. Order Chicken Sandwich with salad. It was very tasty but no Burgers. Do not order coffee from the cart outside in seating area. It was not hot enough. Enjoy your afternoon in the Villa!

Submitted by Village10410 on 02/17/2022

Jose 5 stars rating.

We were recommended this place by a friend and it’s totally worth the visit! First of all it’s a free entry you only have to pay for parking which is $20 you can prepay before you arrive or once you’re there.
You need your vaccination card and reserve a time on their website.
Here’s a few pictures of things that stood out the most to me. Hope this helps!

Submitted by Jose on 02/08/2022

Nate DC 5 stars rating.

An amazing place to bring your children or family or even your significant other, plenty of scenery to enjoy. I love all the Greek architecture so this place was a peak interest for me.

Loved my experience be sure to schedule a visit entry is free and parking is 20$

Submitted by Nate Dc on 02/07/2022

Inday Michelle Rim 5 stars rating.

Such a beautiful property! The villa and grounds really are lovely. We made reservations and prepaid for parking. It’s a good idea to have your info ready before you arrive, service once you get there isn’t great. The cafe is delicious but options are limited.

Submitted by Inday Michelle Rim on 01/22/2022

B. Li 5 stars rating.

An absolutely beautiful institution in Santa Monica. Entrance is free with reservations; the only fee is the $20 parking fee.

Highly recommended to come here on a bright and sunny day, or even better, if you're lucky enough to come in the autumn after a light morning rain.

The art pieces are mostly focused from Mediterranean regions from the ancient eras.

The architecture of the villa seems heavily inspired by Greek and Roman stylings as can be seen by the long hallways and endless columns. It's recommended to take your take and enjoy the whole breadth of the villa as there's a lot to see.

Submitted by B. Li on 01/20/2022

Jackie H 5 stars rating.

Reserve your tickets online for free, be sure to print them out before leaving home and don't forget your vaccination card! We had the first entry at 10am on a Thursday and it was quiet and peaceful. Such a beautiful setting with lovely gardens and beautiful artwork to admire. Lots to see and learn about but we covered it all in about 2 hours though you could stay longer. Afterward we had a great lunch in Santa Monica which is just 15 minutes away.

Submitted by Jackie H on 01/20/2022

Zan Lee 5 stars rating.

BY FAF my favorite free activity to do in Los Angeles and definitely the most beautiful option. The Getty Villa itself is a complete copy of a Roman Villa found buried beneath the ashes of the eruption that destroyed Pompeii. It was a Roman nobleman‘s summer retreat filled with priceless pieces of art so Getty re-created that here in Malibu. It specializes in Italian and central European art and history but most of it is dedicated to the Mediterranean. The grounds surrounding the interiors are breathtaking and are always full of people soaking in all the photo opportunities. It’s insane to see that in someways some people lived just as well thousands of years ago as they do today.

It’s a lot smaller than the Getty Center so the crowds are never as heavy, but there are also less reservation times available so it is a bit harder to schedule a visit. As long as you do it ahead of time it won’t be an issue. Parking is easy as you can do it right on site and due to the limited amount of people allowed in per day there is always a parking space available as long as you have a reservation.

I highly recommend to anyone and it would be good for people of all ages although I feel that this is not some thing for children, but you will still see plenty there.

Submitted by Zan Lee on 01/17/2022

Jane 5 stars rating.

Came on a beautiful sunny Monday and wandered around the grounds. It’s free so as long as you reserve a time in advance (COVID policies). Parking is $20. It’s a great way to spend a morning/afternoon. Be sure to show up with photo ID and proof of vaccination. Cool opportunity to investigate old Roman artifacts and other pieces which Getty collected over the years.

Submitted by Jane on 01/03/2022