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Lahaina Galleries Reviews

Submitted by Mark Trabolsi on 07/23/2018

Mark Trabolsi 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Loved it. Thanks

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Dawn Southern 5 stars rating.

The Art Stewart was very personable and we learned a lot about a few artists they featured. I may go back for something I saw there and really liked.

Submitted by Dawn Southern on 02/16/2022

Kenton Cottingham 5 stars rating.

Lots of very nice things

Submitted by Kenton Cottingham on 02/03/2022

Happy Art Collectors 5 stars rating.

Amazing gallery! The art shocked us. We fell in love with this art. We recommend you to visit. Wonderful staff. The gallery is 45 years old this year. I'll come back here again. We looked at several works. Thanks! With love for the gallery.

Submitted by Happy Art Collectors on 05/24/2021

Henry Liang 5 stars rating.


Submitted by Henry Liang on 03/12/2020

BETO CUEVAS 5 stars rating.


Submitted by Beto Cuevas on 03/06/2020

beto venegas 5 stars rating.

Great selection of artwork. The ladies there were great hosts...

Submitted by Beto Venegas on 10/28/2019

James Haas 5 stars rating.

Lovely gallery with entertaining reception. Tanya very good & informative.

Submitted by James Haas on 09/16/2019

James F. Haas 5 stars rating.

Great collection of modern art, good reception with friendly artists present,
but most importantly... knowledgeable, helpful staff. A thanks to Tanya for all her information: really made my visit!

Submitted by James F. Haas on 09/02/2019

Mats Haag 5 stars rating.

Love this place.

Submitted by Mats Haag on 06/01/2019

Karen Hart 3 stars rating.

Nice store parking 5

Submitted by Karen Hart on 05/13/2019

Harry Messersmith 5 stars rating.

Awesome time with Guy Buffett & Aldo Luongo two of the greatest

Submitted by Harry Messersmith on 04/09/2019

Barbara Clark 5 stars rating.

Beautiful, excellent assortment !

Submitted by Barbara Clark on 02/24/2019

John X 5 stars rating.

Small but awesome works of art.

Submitted by John X on 01/16/2019

Chris Fetz 5 stars rating.

Love this place!

Submitted by Chris Fetz on 05/30/2018

Eric Kauzlarich 5 stars rating.

A cool free art gallery with different exhibits once in a while, really small though, not much else to say.

Submitted by Eric Kauzlarich on 05/24/2018

Elizabeth Warman 5 stars rating.

Always a great experience. Have purchased many works of art. Everyone is very friendly.

Submitted by Elizabeth Warman on 05/20/2018

Beau Killett 5 stars rating.

B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! ! ! Lahaina Galleries is below the Cheesecake Factory in the Fashion Island Shopping Center. They carry local artists as well as from all over the world. It's not all Hawaiian art like you'd think, there's paintings and sculptures of wildlife, figurative works, scenes of Balboa, Crystal Cove and incredible realistic still life. They also carry semi-abstract ocean works that are painted and etched on metal by an artist named Wylie. Worth visiting!

Submitted by Beau Killett on 08/31/2016

Mikayla Sydney Lee 5 stars rating.

I LOVE how they have a painting of Outriggering. It's funny because I go OC at the Newport Aquatic Center very often too and they're both located in Newport Beach.

Submitted by Mikayla Sydney Lee on 03/13/2015

David Dixon 4 stars rating.

Lahaina Galleries are always great to walk into. It is just funny when you aren't in Lahaina...

Submitted by David Dixon on 06/06/2012