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The Alley Gallery Reviews

Submitted by R KId on 11/11/2016

R KId 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Dope spot!! Good vibes . sick hip hop battles. I like that they brought in the hardcore's...

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AshleyRose “ARose” Little 4 stars rating.

Perfect place to get spray paint. Art supplies and a brand new shirt (☆_☆) so good!!! Best $$$prices!!!

Submitted by Ashleyrose “arose” Little on 02/04/2022

Thomas Surprenant 5 stars rating.

This place is amazing, a fantastic cultural experience! It's truly a must see

Submitted by Thomas Surprenant on 09/25/2021

Jose Mercado 5 stars rating.

Friendly place , lots of interesting paintings ,lots of nice clothes and accessories

Submitted by Jose Mercado on 07/01/2020

theodise gahner 5 stars rating.

Get my wish packages here. Love the art

Submitted by Theodise Gahner on 03/01/2020

Song Tran 5 stars rating.

Just a tad bit at the end of the street, but best gallery I've been too in Pomona. The interior is nicely done with the brick and art layout. They book amazing music artists to play in the alley outside the entrance of the gallery. The owner is a super chill cool dude and appears to really appreciate arts and musical craft. Thanks for the great experience Satuday!

Submitted by Song Tran on 02/10/2020

Zero Cool 5 stars rating.

The best art gallery in Pomona

Submitted by Zero Cool on 08/12/2019

Alex Santana 5 stars rating.

Great place to showcase art and also take classes the people their are very friendly

Submitted by Alex Santana on 04/03/2019

Ivan Cruz 5 stars rating.

Love the stash and dashes that they do here!
Also my favorite art from them are The Cats????
The people here are really nice too and host events in there building like Open Mic Nights

Submitted by Ivan Cruz on 03/06/2019

James Bond 5 stars rating.

My friend knows the owner who is very nice & help for... Nice place to chill out and make a master piece

Submitted by James Bond on 11/15/2018

John Goey 5 stars rating.

I found myself lost enroute to hospital with a fever . I walked into The Alley Gallery in hopes of finding a glass of water and a little direction . The curator was a lovely young man of calming demeanor in the most inoffensive taro colored dress shirt I have ever seeing . I almost immediately felt a sense of tranquility come over my perturbed state of mind . He sat me down in a bean bag chair and applied a warm cloth to my forehead as he prepared me some home made chamomile tea that his friend Mangoe grew in his herb garden. He called his own doctor who made a house call , or should I say gallery call to deliver me a much needed diagnosis and fever reducing agent to my bloodstream.

Submitted by John Goey on 10/08/2018

Rodrigo Ruiz 5 stars rating.

Place is awsome, lots of good art, owner is funny, people friendly oriented. Good vibes come check it out.

Submitted by Rodrigo Ruiz on 08/08/2018

Vanessa Rodriguez 5 stars rating.

This place is amazing. People get down and they good too

Submitted by Vanessa Rodriguez on 03/28/2018

Alejandro Puentes 5 stars rating.

Shout out to the Alley Gallery Pomona!✏????✒????????????⚗⚖ #elitelegacybrandco78.

Winter wear coming soon!

Submitted by Alejandro Puentes on 12/09/2017

Vincent Romero 5 stars rating.

Amazing place! Great art work by local artist , awesome shows and the vibe is off the hook !

Submitted by Vincent Romero on 06/05/2017

Chong Choun 5 stars rating.

Great place love the art. Something different .

Submitted by Chong Choun on 01/24/2017

Salvador Cedillo 5 stars rating.

Best Urban Art around Pomona. Best events thrown, a must go too for a new experience, Excellent Customer Service

Submitted by Salvador Cedillo on 11/15/2016

Johnny Madrigal 5 stars rating.

nice art work the owners very friendly love the place

Submitted by Johnny Madrigal on 11/15/2016

Frank Hernandez 5 stars rating.

It was a great experiance very nice place the owner is pretty chill and love the art work

Submitted by Frank Hernandez on 08/30/2016

Jonathan Choun 5 stars rating.

Awesome place, really chill vibe, and a very friendly/funny owner!

Submitted by Jonathan Choun on 07/14/2016