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The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens Reviews

Submitted by Inday Michelle Rim on 03/19/2022

Inday Michelle Rim 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

What a beautiful property! We purchased tickets for a Saturday about a week and a half ahead of time. We purchased for 10AM, which is when they open to non-members. Parking is free, but can fill up quickly. Definitely bring water and snacks, this place is gigantic and can be a trek back to the coffee shop and restaurants. We enjoyed it so much, we became members.

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Chetan Rawal 5 stars rating.

Beautiful gardens and library! Make sure you buy the tickets in advance or reserve if you are a member. Usually it takes a while to park the car.
The bonsai court, Japanese and Chinese gardens are awesome. The kids will definitely enjoy the children’s gardens and tropical gardens!

Submitted by Chetan Rawal on 04/24/2022

Tricia Ebert 5 stars rating.

The Huntington Gardens & Library is absolutely amazing! The beauty of the trees, plants and flowers is beyond description. The quality of the artwork and manuscripts on display is awe-inspiring. We had the best tour with a docent named Nicholas on Sunday morning. He was incredibly well-informed about the history of the property, the different types of vegetation, and the history of the artwork. We loved it so much, we bought a membership because we plan to go back many times throughout the year!

Submitted by Tricia Ebert on 04/24/2022

Barry Waite 5 stars rating.

A truly amazing place! The gardens are some the best you'll see, the galleries have world famous works, and the library includes a Gutenberg Bible you can see up close. All this in one location! Don't expect to do all that in a couple of hours.

Submitted by Barry Waite on 04/15/2022

Steven Kalczynski 5 stars rating.

Just a lovely lovely place to spend say three hours. Beautiful gardens and land. Don’t go on a real hot temperature day as you will suffer. We loved the Japanese garden!

Submitted by Steven Kalczynski on 03/24/2022

S E 5 stars rating.

A beautiful place to go! It's also the perfect date spot as well! So many gorgeous flowers and gardens set up and the library itself has historic paintings/sculptures to view as well. If you enjoy art galleries or floral gardens, this is the place to be!

Submitted by S E on 03/20/2022

Lily Anderson 5 stars rating.

So beautiful! They have a variety of different gardens but our favorite was the Japanese garden! So gorgeous! They also have the red car cafe which was so good! I recommend their tea and ice cream! The shop is beautiful as well.

Submitted by Lily Anderson on 03/18/2022

Max Weissman 5 stars rating.

It is a great way to spend your day enjoying nature and and has great library and interesting museums to check out. The Japanese and Chinese gardens are the main attractions here and for good reason. Check it out and treat yourself

Submitted by Max Weissman on 03/13/2022

Kara Scanlon 5 stars rating.

The Boone Gallery is my favorite Gallery here! The gardens are wonderful. It definitely has a corporate feel now that it is not owned by the family. I love the succulent varieties here. The Japanese garden is getting a wonderful renovation to the tea house! I really can't wait!

Submitted by Kara Scanlon on 03/01/2022

Philippe Tusler 5 stars rating.

The Huntington is a wonderful place. I've been going there for 50 years, and it's always a delight! Due to Covid, the upstairs and some of the rooms in the main house are shut, but the main gallery is open, as is the library and all of the grounds.

Submitted by Philippe Tusler on 02/20/2022

Jeff Tanedo 5 stars rating.

Always incredibly relaxing and calming to go here. Words cannot do the beauty of this place justice , just look at the many pictures already posted online. If you live close by, I highly recommend getting a yearly membership as it is worth it. This can be a place of healing especially to escape the chaos of Los Angeles.

Submitted by Jeff Tanedo on 02/11/2022

Courtney E 5 stars rating.

Amazing and expansive. I honestly didn’t expect to spend as much time here as we did, but it’s plenty of walking ! The gardens are beautiful and we really enjoyed the print works exhibit. I just wish the map was more detailed? We (and a few other families) were pretty mixed up as to where we were. The Suzhou style garden/architecture was a highlight for me!

Submitted by Courtney E on 02/03/2022

Kayla Lewis 5 stars rating.

Absolutely breathtaking. Even in the off season the gardens were beautiful and expansive. We were the from open to close and still didn't see it all. This place is a photographer's dream. I will definitely be back!

Submitted by Kayla Lewis on 02/01/2022

Shea Dilly 5 stars rating.

This place is beautiful. Even on a day full of rain and cold weather we absolutely loved walking through and exploring everything this place has to offer. Plenty of plant scenery with a nice mixture of architecture, sculptures, and the galleries in between. The shop was fun to walk through and the coffee place had surprisingly delicious hot chocolate! Whether you have a few hours or a good chunk of the day to use you can definitely enjoy spending it here.

Submitted by Shea Dilly on 01/20/2022

Zan Lee 5 stars rating.

There is so much to see here! It’s like many different wonderful places rolled into one. The art museum is top notch but the gardens are really something extraordinary. Between the Rose garden, the Japanese garden, the newly expanded Chinese garden, and all the other botanical gardens available it feels like you were in a totally different part of the state. The grounds are huge so it never feels too crowded except for certain parts of the art museum. There are honestly so many options that there are plenty of places for everyone on site to explore. It’s hard for me to name my favorite part of it as each time I go I see something new and depending on my mood I have a different destination each time.

The Gettys, Norton Simon, and this are my favorite museums in all of Los Angeles but this is my favorite botanical garden. Descanso Gardens is nice and so is the Los Angeles Arboretum but this is still my favorite. The LA Arboretum would probably be second for botanical garden. Highly recommend to anyone!

Submitted by Zan Lee on 01/17/2022

Mark Ryan 5 stars rating.

Come see this amazing place. There is so much to see and experience for people of all ages. The gardens in themselves are incredible. Whether you come for a little while or the whole day, you will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Mark Ryan on 01/16/2022

Morgan Bensky 4 stars rating.

Gorgeous all-around. Desert exhibit was truly magnificent and had every iteration of succulents imaginable. The Japanese and Chinese gardens were likewise well-tended to and simply thriving. If you are looking for a day of serenity and immersion into the natural wonders of the world, look no further!

Only drawbacks were that the Japanese/Chinese gardens were closed off, unsure if they are doing some revival work or if they just wanted me to purchase the additional $20+ plus ticket for the 90-minute walking tour to see them. Either way, it is disappointing to only see them from the external pathway.

In all, a pleasant experience and worth the trip.

Submitted by Morgan Bensky on 01/06/2022

Dani Marie 5 stars rating.

You could spend easily spend two days here if you're a fast walker or three. The Australian and Japanese gardens were closed due to tree falls. We bought tickets in advance and it was worth it. Remember to get your student discount ticket! We didn't even go to any of the inside exhibits and most of the restaurants were closed except the one near the entrance.

Submitted by Dani Marie on 12/31/2021

Noah Langford 5 stars rating.

Beautiful gardens and grounds and public artwork. The Japanese and Chinese gardens make you really like you’re in Japan and China as well as the Australian garden. Great gift shop with a great collection of merchandise. Would have loved to check out the library but didn’t have time. Recommend becoming a member and come for at least two or three days to explore.

Submitted by Noah Langford on 12/08/2021

Beatriz Lim 5 stars rating.

So amazing! The gardens are beautiful and they have such a large collection of different plants. The gardens were so large that it was easy to get lost! I personally loved the Chinese gardens which were just recently renovated. Will be coming back for sure!

Submitted by Beatriz Lim on 11/29/2021