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Bergamot Reviews

Submitted by Kenyatta C. Moon on 07/29/2019

Kenyatta C. Moon 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

THEIR ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE WAS AS USUAL FANTABULOUZZZ .... My buddies Brighton and Richard had their studios open and some INTERESTING paintings were showcased. I will post pix. U can go on line and/or go on Facebook and join the group and get notice when they have their open house, private showcase events. The also have different food trucks and DJ's. See y'all there or be square !!!!

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Mildred Rutherford 5 stars rating.

The best place for excursions to unusual places, I recommend.

Submitted by Mildred Rutherford on 04/19/2022

Phillip Donnelly 5 stars rating.

My wife is a big fan of contemporary art. It so happened that art dragged me in over time. If you like small showrooms and studios, you will love this place. It took us an hour to see everything, but this place will definitely fall into the treasury of the best places in LA. Such excursions will appeal to those who like to reflect / discuss on the topic of art, and those who, like me, like to enjoy art in silence and alone

Submitted by Phillip Donnelly on 04/14/2022

Polly Geller 5 stars rating.

They've landed at Bergamot: The Great Danziger Galleries, the keen and intelligent eye of an art historian/curator. Not to be missed - Sugimoto, Soth, Cohen, and so many more brilliant photographers whose work is oceanic and vast.

Thank you!

Submitted by Polly Geller on 02/21/2022

dana ross 5 stars rating.

Many High level, cutting edge art galleries all in one place. Easy parking and the Exposition Line stops right there.. Great restaurants and cafe too.

Submitted by Dana Ross on 02/12/2022

Tanya Caruso 5 stars rating.

Great combination of indoors and outdoors

Submitted by Tanya Caruso on 12/29/2021

David Teter 5 stars rating.

One of my favorite places in Los Angeles to visit.

Submitted by David Teter on 11/29/2021

smiley one 5 stars rating.

Abundant parking on-site due to effects of covid. Gallery's still open and warm to visitors. Knowledgeable staff. A must see!!

Submitted by Smiley One on 11/10/2021

morris kushner 5 stars rating.

Been going to Bergamont for 30 years. One of few places where you can find numerous galleries in one place and they are quality galleries. They have many special openings and events. City has been threatening for years to sell off part of property. Hope they survive. It would be ashame to lose this treasure.

Submitted by Morris Kushner on 10/21/2021

Jack Goldberg 5 stars rating.

If you are into small eclectic art studio and showrooms, this is the place to go. Not too difficult to find, and lots of parking. You can walk through the entire place in about an hour but the things you will see .... amazing. Take you sweetie here for a unique outing.

Submitted by Jack Goldberg on 08/01/2021

Elisabeth Bowers 5 stars rating.

Great experience. The variety of art was great. Fun day out visiting the different artwork. I will be back... this was my first visit and definitely was not disappointed. Thank you

Submitted by Elisabeth Bowers on 07/24/2021

KC 4 stars rating.

Beautiful place to walk around for free and check out art. Parking was limited but we got there so early we were able to find a spot. The galleries vary and are beautiful. None of them have air conditioning, so it's best to go when it's cooler out. A few of them have fans which was very nice. The galleries are so close together that if you don't like the specific medium you see it's very easy to walk out and go to another.

Submitted by Kc on 02/02/2020

Juan Ber Villerias 5 stars rating.

Great space with all spices galleries

Submitted by Juan Ber Villerias on 10/19/2019

Pei Han 5 stars rating.

Love this place so much. Appreciate the quote from one gallery:
LA is one of the least restrictive towns in the world because it has no tradition, or history, or image of itself.

Submitted by Pei Han on 08/17/2019

Lev Vaysman 5 stars rating.

Love this area. Take your time walking around all the art exhibits. Some are actually pretty interesting ! Wide selection and types of art. Easy parking. We were surprised to see an Art Exhibit sponsored by UCLA.

Submitted by Lev Vaysman on 05/28/2019

Viola L 4 stars rating.

It is a really nice place with varieties of artwork displaying and purchase options. But these art pieces are not offering to much information from galleries. I am not a crazy fan and know a lot about modern art, so they take me long time to figure out and appreciate them some time.

Submitted by Viola L on 03/29/2019

Dan Mitnick 4 stars rating.

Really neat Westside place with lots of different galleries the City garage theater is a great little venue intimate let's find sidelines. The contents of any one of these galleries is to the viewers discretion and ranges from the curious to the fascinating this pair of eyes

Submitted by Dan Mitnick on 03/02/2019

Marty Bruinsma 5 stars rating.

There is always a vast selection of art to view. Numerous galleries in one convenient location. The casual restaurant there is another plus!
Museum quality art at Latin American Masters.

Submitted by Marty Bruinsma on 01/23/2019

Lina Arango 5 stars rating.

An amazing place to see art in Los Angeles!

Submitted by Lina Arango on 10/02/2018

Angeles Workshop 5 stars rating.

Our little revolutionary private school Angeles Workshop School goes on we'll field trips and usually visits the galleries at Bergamot at least twice a year. We love the galleries, especially Building Bridges and Patrick Painter, both of whom have welcomed our students with personal tours and engaging discussions.

Submitted by Angeles Workshop on 04/26/2018