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Skidmore Contemporary Art Reviews

Submitted by Luke Martin on 01/23/2021

Luke Martin 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I am currently working with Lia on commissioning a piece by one of my favourite painters. I have never worked with a gallery before or had any experience in the art world, but Lia has made this experience so wonderfully inviting and enjoyable. Her customer service, compassion and understanding are unparalleled. She has been an absolute joy to work with and I just can't say enough good things about the way she runs her gallery. If these reviews are the deciding factor between you doing business here and somewhere else, I promise you will not regret choosing Skidmore Contemporary Art. Thank you for everything Lia.

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M A S 5 stars rating.

Fun contemporary art gallery with high quality works for sale.

Submitted by M A S on 04/03/2021

Kirk Fanelly 5 stars rating.

I've had the pleasure of working with Skidmore Contemporary Art and Lia Skidmore for over a decade. My experience with other gallerists and arts professionals in general, is that they tend to be disorganized and slow to pay. Lia is neither; she is also a joy to work with and converse with about art and life. I highly recommend visiting Skidmore Contemporary Art and supporting Lia and her artists.

Submitted by Kirk Fanelly on 09/03/2019

Ken Mann 5 stars rating.

Bold and fun.

Submitted by Ken Mann on 12/16/2018

Fong Kwok 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Fong Kwok on 09/21/2018

mary watanabe 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Mary Watanabe on 08/10/2018