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Revolver Gallery - Your Andy Warhol Specialists Reviews

Submitted by Sarah Dubbs on 07/17/2019

Sarah Dubbs 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

LOVED the gallery. Super nice space, and the staff knows so much about Warhol. The owner, Ron, was friendly and really involved with the process. Definitely coming back when I (hopefully) have the money for a Jagger or two.

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Shelley Matthews 5 stars rating.

Expert insight on Warhol's body of work, processes, and market.

Submitted by Shelley Matthews on 09/27/2021

Wes McQuillen 5 stars rating.

Thank you, Ron. He is the owner of the gallery; took time to answer my questions, honest about the market, and patient with explaining the nuances.

I've been emailing him some with history questions and he gave me a phone call when I requested it, just because of his passion for the work and the market. Extremely friendly and direct about the good, bad, and ugly, he volunteered to send me some collateral as well.

There's a lot of fakes and forgery in the online auction market and after calling him, I feel confident trusting Ron, he even offered to give me advice about things from other sources, he just wants to make sure people make smart choices.

Submitted by Wes Mcquillen on 11/15/2020

J Shippy 5 stars rating.

Andy Warhol owned a 1970’s rolls Royce and this place owns it along with authenticity hand singed artwork by Andy himself. You can’t get much more Hollywood than this. Worth a look if your in the area and you appreciate history and true art.

Submitted by J Shippy on 09/01/2020

James Heath 5 stars rating.

Ron is a superb art dealer . I found him to be the most professional in the business and cannot rate him highly enough. He is sincere and has integrity . I would rate him 6 star if I could ! James Heath , London

Submitted by James Heath on 08/27/2020

Justin Moore 5 stars rating.

Cuz I love Warhol who doesn't great show

Submitted by Justin Moore on 11/05/2019

Larry Dunn 4 stars rating.

Though its not a very large gallery, the two young men working there were very engaging and were able to fill us in on some of the history behind the paintings.

Submitted by Larry Dunn on 07/22/2018

Roy Oldenkamp 5 stars rating.

Comfortably nestled in the arts enclave of Bergamot Station, Revolver Gallery immersed the visitor in a sea of Waholiana, from the signature Rolls Royce to the chance to don a wig and be Andy with a backdrop of a thousand Campbell's tomato soup cans! The staff was extremely warm and welcoming, and knowledgable to boot. Kudos all around.

Submitted by Roy Oldenkamp on 07/28/2017

A B 5 stars rating.

Very small yet excellent gallery right in burgmont station. The folks who work there are highly familiar with the work being displayed and can answer any questions you may have

Submitted by A B on 02/20/2017

Catherine A. Montgomery 5 stars rating.

EXCELLENT Warhol.collection. Whisked away to another place in time! Unique pieces with contributions by other artists using Warhol style. Well presented. Attention to detail in every way. Friendly professional staff.

Submitted by Catherine A. Montgomery on 02/15/2017

Kim Vorse 5 stars rating.

Check this exhibit out! One of the best parts about living in LA is that this city pulls such an aggregate collection of neat art pushes and an all-Andy-Warhol gallery is definitely topping the list of them. Well tended, well curated and the immersive.

Submitted by Kim Vorse on 02/15/2017

Jean Hsu 5 stars rating.

Really cool gallery to visit! It's special because it's the only gallery that specializes in only Andy Warhol pieces. Definitely a great place to visit.

Submitted by Jean Hsu on 07/15/2016

Jacob Child 5 stars rating.

Great gallery! Deals exclusively with Andy Warhol pieces. The people who work there are friendly and the owner Ron is very relatable and personable. The high ceilings are very nice, and the gallery is in a fantastic location with parking and cafes nearby.

Submitted by Jacob Child on 06/15/2016

Katy Davis 5 stars rating.

Love this gallery! They have a great collection and are always getting new works, so there is always new stuff to see. It's a must see if you are a Warhol fan or just interested in art. The staff is very knowledgeable and always able to answer all of my Warhol questions.

Submitted by Katy Davis on 05/03/2016

Haley Rockefeller 5 stars rating.

Awesome gallery!! i went on a Saturday and the lady working was super nice and knew a lot about Andy Warhol. Would definitely recommend going in and checking it out!

Submitted by Haley Rockefeller on 04/28/2016

Sloan Tash 5 stars rating.

Korbin and Revolver Gallery were fantastic! We had some Warhols to sell and they came and picked them up that very afternoon! So easy, prompt, and amazing! Thank you!

Submitted by Sloan Tash on 02/12/2015

Rachel Lew 4 stars rating.

This is such a cool art gallery. I love modern, contemporary and pop art, and the gallery has some amazing pieces by Warhol. It's a nice place to stop by after grabbing lunch on Beverly Dr.

Submitted by Rachel Lew on 02/11/2015

Melissa Grabherr 5 stars rating.

Revolver Gallery is the coolest art gallery in LA! They show Andy Warhol`s works of art exclusively and have the best selection. They are right off of Beverly Dr. so whenever I am in the area shopping I always pop in.

Submitted by Melissa Grabherr on 10/03/2014

Alecc Bracero 4 stars rating.

My friend just recently got me into more of Warhol's work and took me here. Very dope spot. You must go if you love Warhol or art in general.

Submitted by Alecc Bracero on 06/13/2014

Hania Rouhani 5 stars rating.

Having pursued my degree in the field of Art History, I have been a long-time admirer of Andy Warhol ever since I took my very first Contemporary Art class. I was blown away by the vast collection of original Andy Warhol prints exhibited at the Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills. I inquired about a few pieces at the gallery and the knowledgeable gallery director was more than happy to further educate me on the prints. I highly recommend visiting the gallery and getting your Pop Art fix!

Submitted by Hania Rouhani on 06/11/2014