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Art Center Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Loris Pesante-Reyes on 07/02/2019

Loris Pesante-Reyes 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

If you want a quiet beautiful family moment of learning experience this is a beautiful small gallery, filled with very friendly customer service. My tweens loved it.

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James F. Haas 4 stars rating.

Good location in Westminster mall. Good space, nicely hard. Staff very pleasant and informative. I was there for a specific artist reception and it was well handled. I would recommend this for everyone but also children appropriate as well.

Submitted by James F. Haas on 02/20/2022

Thomas Wyatt 3 stars rating.

Standard art gallery. You go in they will try hard to get you to buy something. Art selection is okay.
Location is in a mall, so may have crowds to deal with depending on when you come. Location may be able to frame items you purchased elsewhere.

Submitted by Thomas Wyatt on 09/12/2021

Ryan G 5 stars rating.

Amazing art. Not what I expected from a store like this in a mall. Worth stopping into.

Submitted by Ryan G on 07/26/2021

David De La Rosa 5 stars rating.

Pretty nice place with a great selection of art. Employees are nice and personable.

Submitted by David De La Rosa on 04/23/2021

Brian Clausen 5 stars rating.

This place is always great. Dave is a great guy and easy to talk to regarding the pieces displayed in the gallery. Several artists are displayed but my wife and I have focused solely on Fabio.

Submitted by Brian Clausen on 04/08/2021

Beverly Simpson-Hobbs 1 stars rating.

If you are looking for Thomas Kinkade don't waste your time coming here. Lots of fun art, but we were specifically looking for Kinkade and all they have is a half dozen Kinkade Disney. Not a single traditional Kinkade.

Submitted by Beverly Simpson-hobbs on 02/15/2021

amanda dill 5 stars rating.

Bought my husband two paintings from strmar wars collection. Dave is the man. Always willing to work with me on price.

Submitted by Amanda Dill on 12/28/2019

Jacqueline White 5 stars rating.

I need to have background knowledge about an artist. Dave was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He also provided information about other works in the gallery. I hope to visit again in the near future.

Submitted by Jacqueline White on 08/03/2019

John DeLong 5 stars rating.

Amazing pieces. Negotiable prices. Great customer service. Fantastic selection. You owe it to yourself to visit and buy your self something dope to stare at. ????????????

Submitted by John Delong on 07/04/2019

Dee Jets 5 stars rating.

Caring * Compassionate *Listeners was my experience over the phone with Nate who was thourough with the prints I inquired about. Dave, Nate and Todd in person were individually kind and interested folks who immediately offered assistance as I walked into their store. Dave was walking out and circled back behind me to see if i needed anything, while at the same time Nate was to the right working on something which is who I walked right up to and he quickly remembered our conversation (which may i add was lengthy, but never did I feel rushed) he walked me over to another area were Todd was working and introduced us, then Nate suprised me and I was overjoyed as I had asked if he would have the artist write a special note relevant to my print, though it wasn't guaranteed he came through! Thanks Nate =) as I waited Todd asked I may be a bit foogy in memory here, but something to the effect of if I liked playing games and I said I was always up for one, long story short I ended up purchasing another ;) print hahaha. . . This one is actually hanging above my bedroom wall attaced here.

The guys are overall have KINDRED SPIRITS!
Funny and charismatic. Thank you Todd, Nate and Dave...here's to making me feel like a friend picking stuff up and not just a transaction but building a relationship with me. . .if you've thought about walking in, DO IT! You'll be amazed on how easy, welcoming and friendly they are!

Submitted by Dee Jets on 04/12/2019

Yvonne Perkins 5 stars rating.

So I walked into this gallery yesterday and imediently fell in love with the art they have displayed, they had a live artist showcasing his work and working on a piece. As I strolled through the gallery a particular piece caught my eye and touched my heart
" Wishes" by Fabio Napoleoni..
2 of the gallery men came and gave me the story behind Fabio's art work..this touch me even more deeply and brought tears to my eyes..
I was impressed by how much the gallery owners are connected to these artists and were able to share the artists stories with a customer who is interested in the art..
In the end I bought 5 pieces of art and was extremely satisfied with the service. The men in the gallery are very kind , knowledgeable and helpful and patient .I highly recommend this gallery to purchase art and I will be coming back.. by the way I'm not from this area ,I live in northern California.. thank you Art Center Gallery

Submitted by Yvonne Perkins on 11/25/2018

Vicky 5 stars rating.

The art gallery always leaves me in awe when I walk in. It's so beautiful in there. The art is affordable and the artists come in on certain days. I recommend going here.

Submitted by Vicky on 10/10/2018

Eric Cannon 4 stars rating.

Fairly wide collection of pieces, mostly pop-art but they can rotate in some really good pieces from time to time. Place feels a little understaffed, usually only one person there, though it might only feel that way because they're refreshingly low-pressure compared to most other galleries I visit.

Submitted by Eric Cannon on 08/07/2018

Alexandra Franco Tuten 4 stars rating.

This place had amazing art there but I didn't find anything that I wanted that I was able to afford. But if you know what you are looking for you might be able to find it there they also do framing as well in case you want something framed and also might be able to find some great art work for your home so two birds one stone kind of place very nice atmosphere

Submitted by Alexandra Franco Tuten on 06/24/2018

Art Johnston 5 stars rating.

Always great Art Work. Check out the events they do. Meet your favorite Artist.

Submitted by Art Johnston on 06/05/2018

Angie Revelles 5 stars rating.

The staff is great! They go out of their way to help you with your purchase. They have some great items, pricing is great. I highly recommend Art Center Gallery for all your Art purchases.

Submitted by Angie Revelles on 06/03/2018

alicia medina 5 stars rating.

I highly recommend the Art Center Gallery! Dave and Todd treat you like family, so personal and friendly. They are knowledgeable and care about the art they are selling. You won’t be disappointed if you love aren’t. There shows are top notch and fun!!!

Submitted by Alicia Medina on 12/01/2017