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Whittier Art Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Ron Robertson on 10/09/2017

Ron Robertson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great place to view art from local artists

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Brendon woirhaye 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Brendon Woirhaye on 12/09/2021

Maud Aretz 5 stars rating.

Love the wonderful art gallery and the great artists.

Submitted by Maud Aretz on 09/22/2021

Angelina Gherna 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Angelina Gherna on 08/31/2021

Helaine Cummins 5 stars rating.

Cute with lots of great local art. Friendly staff.

Submitted by Helaine Cummins on 06/29/2021

Lynn Glynn 4 stars rating.

wonderful collection of art!

Submitted by Lynn Glynn on 10/13/2020

Ankit Patel 4 stars rating.

For more than 80 years, The Whittier Art Gallery has showcased the artworks of renowned Southland artists for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Lisa Keffer, Yukiko Avila, and Lynn Azali are just some of the artists featured. A number of events and workshops are held throughout the year.

A gift shop is also on-site; this is where you’ll find unique items for sale, including jewelry, handcrafted ornaments, paintings, and more.

Submitted by Ankit Patel on 09/01/2020

Ronald Ortega 5 stars rating.

Amazing collection that spans pre-Columbian art to modern Latin art. The current shows featuring Yolanda Gonzalez and George Lopez are not to be missed.

Submitted by Ronald Ortega on 03/17/2020

Stay-c Addams 5 stars rating.

A serene place that has art & good customer service.

Submitted by Stay-c Addams on 03/01/2020

DeClair 4 stars rating.

Beautiful ART!!

Submitted by Declair on 08/05/2019

Jennifer Lopez 5 stars rating.

I volunteer there and everyone is nice, calm and not loud, yes its small but i still love it and it's free to go in

Submitted by Jennifer Lopez on 07/13/2019

Paul Vizer 5 stars rating.

Wonderful people to work with, and a perfect venue for a small event

Submitted by Paul Vizer on 03/25/2019

Noretta Quiroz 5 stars rating.

Beautiful! Go

Submitted by Noretta Quiroz on 01/12/2019

Karen Charpie-Elton 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Karen Charpie-elton on 10/29/2018

Arrange Ment 5 stars rating.

I love doing an Art Show every year.

Submitted by Arrange Ment on 04/22/2018

Mike Marquez 5 stars rating.

Every one there was very friendly and welcoming....

Submitted by Mike Marquez on 04/16/2018

Charlene Vasquez 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Charlene Vasquez on 01/28/2018

Jose M. Velazquez 5 stars rating.

Local gallery; interesting exhibits!

Submitted by Jose M. Velazquez on 11/07/2017

Vicente Ramos 3 stars rating.

The welcoming atmosphere and simple appointments were the right platform for a show of work by Whittier's own, Robert Thome, a talented, though provoking artist.

The gift shop is a delightful plus.

Submitted by Vicente Ramos on 08/05/2016

Javier Garay 5 stars rating.

Good place to shop for local art.

Submitted by Javier Garay on 10/01/2014